Returning: 60 Days In


Season 2 of prison documentary series 60 Days In begins on the CI network later this month.

Eight more participants will go behind bars without inmates or officers knowing they have not committed a crime.

Do not attempt this at home.

Produced by A+E Network in the US and filmed at the Clark County Jail in Jeffersonville, Indiana before the premiere of season one, 60 Days In season two leads an even deeper investigation in to what really happens behind bars, as eight new volunteers live among the facility’s general population for 60 days under the watch of around-the-clock cameras – without officers, fellow inmates or staff knowing their secret.

This gripping, high-octane 12-part series follows the innocent group of participants on an emotional journey to the end, as they navigate and attempt to assimilate and survive incarceration, facing some very dramatic twists and turns along the way.

Season two’s new set of participants, none of whom have ever been charged with a crime, each have their own personal motivations for entering the prison and include an aspiring police officer, a mother of an incarcerated daughter and a criminology student.

Corruption runs rampant at the Clark County Jail: drugs, crooked guards and gangs have taken over what is supposed to be a safe space for inmates. When the season one participants exited the jail, Clark County Sheriff Jammy Noel was overwhelmed by the startling insights each had to offer and was eager to gain even more insider information in season two. This season, the stakes are even higher as 60 Days In aims to finally fix a broken system.

The second season of 60 Days In will air in over 100 territories worldwide.

Wednesday, September 28 at 9.30pm on CI.


  1. I love this show… and this is the reason why people pirate and it’s also why i’m going to trim back my foxtel subscription.

    When foxtel airs episode 1 of season 2, episodes 1-6 will already be freely available for download. Come on foxtel, it’s 2016 and this is ridiculous.

    • Shame that Foxtel can’t keep up with airing closer to US air time… For that I have Apple TV. I do love Foxtel but when there are good shows to watch, Shade of Blue is one, do I binge it! Well as much as I can.

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