Seven renegotiating Disney output deal


Seven is reportedly renegotiating its output deal with the Walt Disney Company, in a bid to choose titles on a show by show basis.

The deal famously delivered Seven titles such as Desperate Housewives and Lost, which contributed to the network toppling Nine in 2007. But times have changed and networks are more focussed on local production, which rates better than titles which can be pirated. US networks have also not delivered equivalent hits in recent years.

Output arrangements also commit network to buy all of a ­studio’s new content. Nine agreed to pay $86m to end its Warner Bros. agreement, after booking a $46m impairment on the loss-making content from the deal in 2016.

Recent Disney titles for Seven include Quantico, Grey’s Anatomy and Castle. Disney-ABC Distribution was formerly known as Buena Vista Television.

Source: The Australian


  1. If channel 7 put the shows on same day as the US and in HD then there would be less need for people to go to other sources such as Hulu for those shows. But they don’t. They shown them in SD when they feel like it and the other options like Hulu are easy to use and don’t cost very much.

    • Spot on, it all comes down to the total disregard they show for the general viewing public. Outside of what you saying, they also fiddle with the viewing times, change channels without much notice and then bemoan the fact we lose interest!

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