4 acts to be cut after first X Factor live show


More details have bee revealed on how the new-look X Factor differs from the past.

Three judges, Guy Sebastian, Iggy Azalea and Adam Lambert have chosen their Top 3 acts. Mel B’s 3 “Underdog” acts will be revealed throughout the first Live show this Sunday night.

Boldly, 1 act from each group will be cut from the competition after the first show, as voted by viewers. 4 acts will be sent packing on Monday night. This will certainly compress the show in keeping with the remaining weeks of the TV year.

Current finalists include:

Over 22s (Guy Sebastian)
Chynna Taylor (26)
Born and raised in Southern Texas, Chynna married an Australian navy pilot stationed in the USA and subsequently moved to Australia. The X Factor is a second chance for Chynna who secured a record deal in Nashville but within six months had lost it all.

Davey Woder (34)
2016’s surprise package, Davey had never performed a cover song before stepping onto The X Factor stage. The eccentric tyre fitter from Logan in Queensland is a self-taught singer and guitar player, who won over the judges with his authenticity and originality.

Timmy Knowles (30)
A full time gigging singer, Timmy Knowles, divided the judges with his first audition of Zayn’s Pillowtalk. In 2014, the Melburnian was held hostage in London during a failed jewellery heist, spurring him on to do what made him happy; chase his musical dream.

Under 22s (Adam Lambert)
Amalia Foy (15)
With an audition that brought the judges to tears, Melbourne schoolgirl Amalia has dreamy, ethereal vocals far beyond her years. 2016’s youngest contestant is a super fan of The X Factor, having watched every episode of every season.

Natalie Ong (15)
Born in Singapore and one the biggest voices in the competition, Natalie moved to Melbourne at 2 years old so her family could provide a better life for her and her brother. A sign of her family’s devotion; her Grandmother even flew from her homeland to watch her audition.

Isaiah Firebrace (16)
Hailing from the small town of Moama, Isaiah almost didn’t make it through his audition due to forgetting his lyrics. However Isaiah’s soulful voice and original tone is what won mentor Adam over.

Groups (Iggy Azalea)
Isla, 29, and Finley Brentwood, 25, dub themselves “Australasia’s only strictly ginger brother/sister duo.” Hailing from New Zealand, the siblings have a strong following on their YouTube channel regularly covering popular tracks with their unique Brentwood spin.

Cat, 16, Vita and Calmel, both 18, had only been together a month prior to their first audition on The X Factor. A cover of Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy landed themselves a standing ovation from all three judges, a testament to their talent.

Time & Place
Sheldon, Sami, Matthew and Leon all auditioned as solo artists but ended up being cut by original mentor, Adam Lambert, in the acapella challenge. Iggy saw potential in their talent and suggested they join forces to form a boyband.

7pm Sunday and 7:30pm Monday on Seven.


  1. They really shouldn’t have brought it back if this is how it’s going to be handled. They’re essentially getting rid of people before you get a chance to know them. It’s something that is done with The Voice, as I tend to drift in and out of that as The Voice is rushed and people who get to the end I don’t even end up knowing their name. Yet X Factor allows you to get to know them, but it seems they’re doing their hardest this year to prevent that.

    There’s been a few times someone has been in the bottom votes only to be able to turn that around later on. Then there’s categories who have lasted for some time with all three in it, but this year they’re saying to scrap that and one must go from each, so no category is safe which is sad.

  2. One of the reasons I think why X factor has always produced more success stories than the voice has been because we’ve been able to watch the singers grow over about a 10 week period of live performances. By the end you know them well and want to support them. By halving the number of live performances and doing mass eliminations they’ve just destroyed their main point of difference from the voice.
    The other thing I’d add is whilst I’m sure producer interference has always been a part of the show, never before has it been so obvious and blatant. When Iggy chose the newly formed boy band to be a part of her Top 3, who were abysmal, it was obvious this was not her decision. I think the judges and host are great this year. It’s the people behind the scenes ruining the show.

    • I think you might be right Deejays. Seven kind of copy off Nine’s ideas especially when it comes to judging the contestants on the show in a typical manner.

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