Airdate: Doctor Foster

Critically-acclaimed UK drama Doctor Foster will screen on ABC in November, a year after its playout on Pay TV.

The 5 part drama by Mike Bartlett, which drew over 10 million UK viewers for its finale, has already been recommissioned for a second series.

Suranne Jones (Scott & Bailey, Coronation Stree,) stars as Doctor Gemma Foster in this mystery – drama series, which last year in the UK, was one of the most talked about television events of the year.

Gemma Foster (Jones), a doctor at the Parminster Medical Centre, seems to have the perfect life: she is happily married to property developer Simon (Bertie Carvel) with whom she has a young son; she is a trusted GP; and has many friends and a settled family – until one day she finds a blonde hair on Simon’s scarf.

Suspecting that Simon is having an affair, Gemma decides to investigate. At first she thinks the blonde hair may belong to Simon’s assistant Becky, but rather than confront him, she confides in her colleague Ros (Thusitha Jayasundera).

In her stressed state, she forces elderly doctor Jack Reynolds, who has become an alcoholic, to retire, and in return for a favour, helps a young patient, Carly (Clare-Hope Ashitey), get rid of her abusive boyfriend. But Carly’s favour is about to tear Gemma’s world apart.

When she finds a second phone in her husband’s car, she discovers a level of betrayal she couldn’t have imagined…

8:30pm Thursday November 17 on ABC.


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