Returning: Doctor Foster

Suranne Jones returns to ABC in more of scintillating UK drama.

Doctor Foster will return to ABC next week.

The six part series sees Suranne Jones (Scott & Bailey) return in the title role.

She is joined by Bertie Carvel, Jodie Comer, Tom Taylor, Victoria Hamilton & Neil Stuke.

This aired on Pay TV in September 2017.

Life appears to be going well for the talented doctor and son Tom after the turmoil that followed her discovery of husband Simon’s betrayal. After her divorce, Gemma has attempted to leave what happened behind, but can you ever really move on from your ex – especially when a child is involved?

Gemma’s life is further complicated with sexual tensions, destructive obsessions and the need to create stability for her now teenage son.

Dark, adult, and psychologically raw, Series 2 is packed with gripping drama, explosive twists and turns, and sees Gemma going further than she ever has before to protect the people she loves.

9pm Thursday April 18 on ABC.

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  1. The first series of this was outstanding. In particular the episode where the husband’s infidelities were revealed at a dinner party was the most gripping hour of TV I’ve seen in ages.

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