Airdate: Gold Coast Medical


A year after it was first teased, new observational series Gold Coast Medical is to premiere on Seven.

The series follows the people and staff at Gold Coast University Hospital and the Queensland Ambulance Service.

Updated: The McAvoy Media production premieres 8:40pm Tuesday November 1(and that’s before a UK broadcast).

Gold Coast Medical is an unprecedented new series that takes a deep dive into the heroic work of the medical personnel who make up Gold Coast’s largest hospital.

Tonight, a local surfer is mauled by a shark. Our cameras capture a medical miracle as doctors race to save 32-year-old Matt’s legs and life.

Cosmetic surgeon, Dr Raja Sawhney, is faced with one of his biggest challenges when he meets Jemma, whose Double J breasts are causing her chronic back pain.

And when all hope seems lost, Dr Christa Bell works her incredible magic on six-year-old Charlotte who has been getting weaker by the day.


  1. Still waiting for that observational series about the Garbo’s. Yes I know I’m flogging a dead horse but hey every channels does with these observational series.

  2. “… an unprecedented new series …”

    Well, yes – if you ignore all the precedents like “Bondi Rescue”, “Kings Cross ER”, “What Really Happens on the Gold Coast” (wasn’t that supposed to be a series, not a one-off?), “Medical Emergency”, “24 hours in A&E”, “Gold Coast Cops”, …

    Chuck128: Dunno. T&A with bikies & sharks, probably.

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