Returning: First Dates. Update: Gold Coast Medical, Cold Feet, Windsors.

Quite a few changes this week and next as Seven brings back a hit dating show.


Seven has made some changes to its scheduling this week and next as it brings First Dates into play.

The Catch airs two episodes tonight at 9:40pm but next week just one episode at 11:10pm.

Gold Coast Medical is pushed back by a week with Border Security and The Force from 7:30pm tomorrow. A double Cold Feet episode will screen from 8:30pm with The Windsors in a single ep at 10:30pm then Chicago Fire.

On Wednesday there is Highway Patrol at 7:30pm with double Beach Cops at 8pm, Ramsay’s Hotel Hell at 9pm and Blindspot at 11pm.

Next Tuesday November 1 First Dates returns, now in the earlier time of 7:30pm up against Nine’s Block. Gold Coast Medical now debuts at 8:30pm, then single eps of Cold Feet, The Windsors and Chicago Fire.

On Nov 2. it’s Highway Patrol and Ramsay’s Hotel Hell (does anybody still watch this guy?).

My instincts are telling me First Dates may have been brought forward to keep Seven ahead in the Demos …note that new time!

I think that’s it. I’d recommend checking your local guides in case there are any individual market changes.

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  1. I don’t know why Australian networks favour reality shows over drama. I recently had a look at what New Zealand airs and they have the American dramas and sit coms in prime time on their main channels. Here they get shunted to late at night and don’t even survive on the secondary channels. Unbelievable, that they don’t just give the shows a chance to gain viewers.

  2. Wow. I am sure fans of these shows appreciate your efforts! I know I don’t appreciate all the changes and as already stated will switch viewers off. All those doubles frustrate loyal fans!

  3. What’s going on at 7 the last few weeks? They’ve completely rearranged 7flix, 7two has lost Mr Selfridge, 7mate had TBBT at 7pm for a week before it randomly starts appearing in chunks on 7 and 7flix, 7mate plonked Family Guy on a Thursday after scheduling it on a Monday originally. 7 normally aren’t too bad but the last month they’ve been terrible!

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