Another hint Mel B is the Underdog judge?


In a further sign that Mel B could be returning to The X Factor panel, the former Spice Girl yesterday began following Guy Sebastian and Adam Lambert on Instagram.

Ms. Brown was already following Iggy Azalea on Instagram.

She has been rumoured to be the Underdog judge, who will mentor contestants who have been culled by the other 3 judges, for some time. Promos claim the mystery woman has sold over 100 million albums (Wikipedia suggests the Spice Girls have sold over 80 million).

Returning to The X Factor would of course be an ironic move given her services were at the centre of a lawsuit filed by Seven, that prevented her from joining Australia’s Got Talent for Nine. Seven eventually won the case but not without some dirty laundry becoming media tabloid fodder.



  1. This sounds like it could be true. The only other one I could think of is Miley Cyrus. She would of sold millions of records and has an Australian connection.

  2. If I recall correctly it was suggested Melissa Joan Hart would be in season 1 of I’m A Celebrity Australia because she followed TV Tonight on Twitter. How’d that go again?

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