Returning: Supernatural.

Bumped: Scream Queens, American Horror Story.


The Winchester brothers are back next week in their 12th season of Supernatural.

It resumes at 8:30pm Monday on ELEVEN (and begins in the US tomorrow).

Meanwhile ELEVEN has now moved Scream Queens to 9:30pm Mondays with American Horror Story at 10:30pm.

Following a brutal attack at the hands of Lady Antonia Bevell, Sam finds himself being held hostage by the mysterious London branch of the Men of Letters.

Dean comes to terms with the return of his mother Mary, resurrected from the dead after the destruction of Amara. With Sam nearby and being subjected to an intense form torture, Mary’s original hunting skills kick in and she goes in search of her missing son.

Castiel begins his mission to rectify the damage caused by Lucifer.

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  1. Scream Queens season 2 was just a disaster … I could not watch it, but loved Season 1.
    AHS: My Roanoak Nightmare was the most “horrible” one yet. Almost too much after the charm and style of AHS: Coven and AHS: Hotel.

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