40 Years since The Young Doctors

Today marks 40 years since The Young Doctors first hit screens in Australia.

The Grundy drama set in the fictional Albert Memorial hospital was created by Alan Coleman, and ran for 8 seasons.

Amongst the cast were Alfred Sandor, Tim Page, Cornelia Frances, Alan Dale, Mark Holden, John Walton, Peta Toppano, Bartholomew John, Gwen Plumb, Chris King, Bunney Brooke, Delvene Delaney, Joanne Samuel, Lynda Stoner and Paula Duncan.

The Young Doctors was shown in numerous international locations, including the United Kingdom, North America, France and Spain.

Several years ago it was due to be revived by Nine but it did not proceed.


  1. Nine should add this to their slate (even if on 9Go) They need a stripped soap 5 days a week. Or they could reimagine it a large Wentworth. I would love to see it again.

  2. An early evening ritual for me, back in the day. My parents had a hard time getting me to the dinner table when it was on. That Dr Holland (Peter Lachran) was so dreamy, wonder what he’s doing now?
    Didn’t The Sullivans start on the same night?

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