Airdate: The Wild Adventures of Blinky Bill


Recent animated seriesĀ The Wild Adventures of Blinky Bill begins on 7TWO next Monday.

The voice cast includes Akmal Slaeh andĀ Cam Ralph.

When a scorcher of a day sends everyone troppo, Blinky and Jacko set out to find the only known cure. Then, Blinky and Jacko investigate an alarming increase in honey theft.

7:30am Monday December 5 and continues weekdays on 7TWO .

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  1. Armchair Analyst

    I remember watching the original as a kid on ABC ! Was great back then! From memory was in the afternoon timeslot weekdays! They also did 2 miniseries wear they travelled around the world trying timescale then circus brothers that aired on 7 on weekends !

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