Birthday boy Isaiah wins X Factor 2016


New South Wales teen Isaiah Firebrace has won The X Factor on his 17th birthday, with Logan tyre-fitter Davey Woder as runner up.

Firebrace, mentored by US singer Adam Lambert, was considered the front-runner to take out the title after a string of soulful performances on the Seven series this year.

It was also a good news story for the Indigenous teen, who returned to the contest after failing to make the grade in 2016 due to forgetting his lyrics. Even this year it was touch and go for the young singer, again forgetting his lyrics at the top of the series. But his vocal skills rose to the challenge to land a contract with SONY Music.

“Thank you all so much. My heart’s beating so fast,” he said.  “This has been my dream and I can’t believe it’s come true on my birthday.

“My life has changed so much….it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Adam Lambert said: “The kid has got the voice man, and he’s such a humble guy and he really just steps on the stage every time and he knows how to create magic and it’s so exciting.”

Cronulla teen Vlado, thrown a lifeline by “Underdog” judge Mel B, came third with Cranbourne schoolgirl finishing fourth.

But host Jason Dundas neglected to announce auditions were open for 2018 with under-performing ratings putting a question mark over the show’s future.


  1. Happy to see that Isaiah won. His singing was great especially the past few weeks. I still think that the X factor winners have a bit more success than the Voice winners. I cannot even remember who won the Voice this year. But Samantha Jade and Dami, especially Dami have gone on to do great things.

    It did seem to be a very quick series, which I didn’t mind. I just there was negative publicity around the show. They tried to build up an Iggy/Mel B feud which I thought didn’t exist and then they focused on Iggy and her being a diva.

    But it’s getting towards the end of the year, maybe people are just fatigued of reality tv. I reckon they should have put this on in hindsight instead of Zumbo’s dessert show.

    Anyway I didn’t mind it. I really liked Adam and I must admit I was wrong about Mel B. I actually enjoyed her.

  2. My God, not even a million for the Grand final!
    How things have changed – I remember Idol getting almost 3 million 10 years ago for the finals announcement.
    I wonder if X Factor will be back next year? Amazing to think more than 23 million Australians didn’t even bother to watch the penultimate episode of the series.

  3. No appearance by Isaiah or any mention of X Factor grand final at all on Sunrise this morning? Strange but I am guessing because of the end of XF for good?

  4. Well done xfactor for a great finish … A little to late to make up for the way u treated the show this year channel 7
    Props to Iggy for looking smoking n being a good judge .. Haters gonna hate u Iggy X

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