Karlie & Will win The Block 2016

A $2.6m auction sets a new record sale for Nine renovation series, as Port Melbourne goes under the hammer.


Brisbane couple Will Bethune & Karlie Cicero have won The Block 2016 after pocketing a whopping profit of $715,000.

Their Port Melbourne apartment sold for $2.6m -a new record high for the show- ahead of Julie & Sasha’s apartment at $2.59m.

That won them a further $100,000 as Block winners totalling a massive $815,000 prize, second only to 2014’s Darren & Dee on $935,000. But it remains amongst the biggest Reality “prizes” in Australian TV history.

Dan & Carleen came third with $525,000, Andy & Ben were fourth with $510,000 followed by Chris & Kim with $425,000.

It was a tense finale that begin with frosty discussions over the reserves & auction order with host Scott Cam, then some nerve-wracking bidding including one auction that nearly stalled mid-way.

Karlie and Will:
Reserve: $1.885m
Sold: $2.6m
Profit: $715,000
Plus: $100,000 winners prize
Total: $815,000

Julia & Sasha
Reserve: $1.93m
Sold: $2.59m
Profit: $660,000

Dan & Carleen:
Reserve: $1.775
Sold: $2.3m
Profit: $525,000

Andy & Ben:
Reserve: $1.74m
Sold: $2.250m
Profit: $510,000

Chris & Kim:
Reserve: $1.88m
Sold: $2.305m
Profit: $425,000

A sixth “challenge apartment” is yet to be sold.

Previous Block winners:

2015 – Triple Threat (South Yarra) – Darren & Deanne – $935,000
2015 – The Blocktagon (South Yarra) – Dean & Shay – $755,000
2014 – Fans v Faves (Albert Park) – Steve & Chantelle – $736,000
2012 – South Melbourne – Brad & Lara – $606,000
2014 – Glasshouse (Prahran) – Shannon & Simon – $435,000
2013 – All Stars (Bondi) – Phil & Amity – $395,000
2013 – Sky High (South Melbourne) – Alisa & Lysandra – $395,000
2010 – Vaucluse – John & Neisha – $305,000
2003 – Bondi – Adam & Fiona – $256,000
2004 – Manly – Jamie & Andrew – $178,000
2011 – Richmond – Polly & Waz – $115,000

The finale wrapped a successful 12th season for Nine, after a disastrous Reno Rumble earlier this year. It will return for its 13th series in 2017.

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  1. The casting was excellent for this series with interesting contestants (especially the boys from Geelong – ‘just a couple of teachers who don’t know what we’re doing!’) that made this a compelling season. The auction showed their personalities even more, including the greed and arrogance of Dan and Carleen looking devastated when they thought they were only getting 375k. Very happy for Karlie and Will!

  2. Surely they achieved a record for the most drawn out, boring Auction ever? We managed to watch the tour of a whole house on Escape to the Country between the start and finish of the second auction. And very obviously edited to draw out the bids.

    Loved the graciousness of Chris and Kim, even commenting in the lift “hope the boys do well”. Lovely couple, and miles more integrity of any of the others.

  3. Once again the massive profits each couple made completely nullifies winning and the $100,000 prize that comes with it. Nine should match dollar for dollar the winning couples profit as the prize for winning. I wonder if we’d see such huge profits if this was the case.

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