Nine locks on Block finale

Nine has now confirmed its Block finale will air next Sunday night.


As tipped, Nine has now confirmed its Block finale will air next Sunday night, following the auctions being held under a veil of secrecy this Saturday.

It will have little competition from Free to Air in the 7pm slot and will lead into a controversial 60 Minutes episode interviewing Gable Tostee.

The massive Port Melbourne site has seen teams renovate an art deco 1920s building into 5 lavish homes with up to four bedrooms and outdoor terraces. A swanky rooftop garden hosts water feature, oak trees, grass lawn and entertainment area. There is also a 6th “Challenge Apartment.”

The former John Kitchen & Sons site was sold for $5.025m last December.

Last season saw Block apartments sell for up to $2.3m although the top profit went to 2015’s Darren & Dee in South Yarra at $835,000.

Apartment 1: Will & Karlie (QLD)
Apartment 2: Dan & Carleen (WA)
Apartment 3: Andy & Ben (VIC)
Apartment 4: Julia & Sasha (VIC)
Apartment 5: Kim & Chris (NSW)

7pm Sunday on Nine.

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  1. Hundreds of complaints on social media after Nine decided to put The Block reveals on Monday night because the cricket finished early and didn’t bother to tell anyone. I only happened to see it because I was channel surfing !

  2. Never watched the block or any reno shows, just do not see the entertainment value but you do not need to be a clairvoyant to see that it will thrash the living suitcase out of the x factor and put the final nail in the coffin for next year

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