Seven casting for Hell’s Kitchen Australia

Seven looking for celebrities to train as chefs -but not under Gordon Ramsay.


Seven is currently casting for a celebrity version of Hell’s Kitchen Australia to be produced by ITV Australia.

The series is not expected to feature Gordon Ramsay, but another Michelin star chef (Marco Pierre White anyone?), filming for six weeks in Sydney from mid March to late April.

Hell’s Kitchen premiered in the UK in 2004 with head chef Gordon Ramsay teaching ten celebrities how to cook and cater for a clientele of famous people. It subsequently ran for 3 more UK seasons, and in the USA -now in its 16th season- with regular chefs instead of celebrities.

Celebrities mulling taking part will need to be up for shooting up to 10 hours a day, six days a week, with a restaurant service every second day. But there is no “lockdown” involved that usually comes with profile reality shows.

Next year Nine has its internally developed Family Food Fight on the way while juggernauts My Kitchen Rules and MasterChef Australia are back for more.

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  1. Agree with others – love the regular chefs version, celebrity version sounds like the worst kind of crap. Who wants to see people who can’t cook try to cook restaurant standard? How unutterably boring. What is this obsession with celebs? We don’t have enough celebs to feed the need anyway. What’s the betting at least a quarter of them have been on other reality shows?

  2. I hate cooking reality shows, possabily more than anyone but to my fellow cooking show haters I say, vote with your remotes. There is a reason why the networks are eating up these cooking shows (pun was intended) and that is because they generally rate well. So vote with your remotes and watch something else.

  3. Exactly my point when I said readers can have better ideas then the real producers.. We don’t just go with what they bring on the table , all they bring is recycled same o bullshit . Yay for Netflix ❤️

  4. Surely Marco Pierre White would stay with Master Chef, he has been one of it’s biggest supporters.
    Wouldn’t put it past Seven to steal another network’s talent though. Just part for the course.

  5. Enough with the cooking shows, I would have watched this kind of crap years ago but now I only watch Master Chef & The Block (probably a nostalgia thing), ABC and Netflix. Netflix is growing and ABC ratings are steady, hmm what’s the one type of program they are not investing in.

    1. This is a ‘cooking’ show as much as MKR is, it has nothing to do with cooking, its simply a way for Gordon Ramsey to try & stay relevant while seeing how much abuse a growm man/woman can take while staying stchup. MKR is just about people being mean to each other. Actual cooking shows are wonderful, please don’t confuse the two

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