Delta to begin filming Olivia role

Exclusive: Filming begins in 2 weeks time with Delta in the title role -and Olivia's blessing.


EXCLUSIVE: Shooting on the Olivia Newton-John bio-drama is set to begin on Monday December 12th  -with Delta Goodrem in the plum role of Olivia Newton-John.

Goodrem has been widely tipped for the role in the Seven project, but ONJ had previously been objecting to the Fremantle Media produced drama.

TV Tonight understands Newton-John is now on board with the project, although it isn’t clear in what capacity, clearing the path for a much happier shoot.

It also means Delta Goodrem will have a busy 2017 with appearances in House Husbands (already completed) and The Voice for Nine. The news also comes only a week after she pulled out of hosting the ARIA Awards.

The bio, which will join projects on Paul Hogan and Shane Warne on Seven in 2017, will be filmed in Victoria.

In a statement FilmVic said, “The story of Olivia Newton-John will chart her remarkable path through one of the world’s toughest industries, and provide a glimpse into the extraordinary achievements of one of Australia’s most loved icons.”

Seven has been contacted for comment.

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    1. Not something I encourage, but where the comment meets site policy it is approved even if I don’t personally agree with it. Like yourself, most are writing anonymously so they won’t hold back. TV gets passionate reactions and we see this in multiple places online (not just here), whether social media, websites for print media or even the networks themselves. The overwhelming majority of visitors do not comment and happily read without that extra engagement.

    2. There may be negative comments on here at times but the TV Tonight comments section are the most civil and respectful ones I think you’ll find on the internet. Obviously due to David’s moderation. But it is refreshing to read the comments on a site that doesn’t have abusive language, comments and personal attacks.

  1. Why can’t they find lookalikes of the people they are betraying. Seen shorts of Hoges and honestly l just can’t relate to it visually. The actor looks nothing like Paul Hogan. It just does not work for me.

    1. Ah, that;s why ONJ was against this. She thought she was going to be betrayed! 🙂

      I make no comment about Delta as a choice but I’d rather have an actor with a similar general appearance but who will give a good performance, than someone who could be their long-lost twin but who couldn’t act their way out of a wet paper bag. If you know of a good actor who looks like ONJ, let the producers know about her because she’ll prob cost less than Delta.

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