Foxtel Play entices Presto viewers with opening offer

Presto subscribers get a two week free trial, and a reduced price for 3 months, from Foxtel Play.

Foxtel is offering Presto subscribers a two week free trial to Foxtel Play, which will replace the platform from the end of January.

Presto subscribers are also being offered Foxtel Play’s Pop and Movies tiers for $15 per month for three months, but its regular price of $35 per month is well above current Presto pricing.

The Pop tier includes a some of Foxtel’s most popular channels, with programs that were unavailable on Presto, including showcase titles Game of Thrones, Westworld plus A Place to Call Home, Wentworth and more. It also includes the Binge channel featuring complete seasons of True Blood, The Walking Dead and more. Upcoming Home and Away event Revenge, with Dan Ewing and Lisa Gormley is also included.

The Movies tier features all of Foxtel’s movie channels and pop-up movies channels.

Foxtel Play offers access to the Pay TV platform without a full home installation and represents a renewed push in the Streaming market. Today it has added competition with Amazon Prime Video now available in Australia.

It features five different entry level tiers including Drama and Pop packs priced at $15 per month each or $25 for both, plus Lifestyle, Documentary and Kids packs for $10 each per month, plus the Movies tier for an additional $20 per month; and the Sports tier for an extra $29 per month.

Current Presto subscribers will receive a promo code for use at www.foxtelplay.com.au/presto.

Foxtel Play is also now available on Telstra TV with HD streaming.

Deanne Weir, Foxtel’s Managing Director – Content Aggregation and Wholesale, said, “Earlier this year, we announced a revolutionary new approach to offer more flexible pricing and delivery of Foxtel that allows Australians to design a subscription that works for them. Today’s arrival of Foxtel Play on Telstra TV takes that a big step further by adding a popular device to enjoy our unbeatable content on coupled with the addition of live HD streaming. With further updates to Foxtel Play on the horizon, we’re confident this will have more eyes turning to Foxtel in the weeks and months to come.”

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  1. Terrible deal. Super expensive. Not compatible with chromecast which stinks as many of us only got chromecast as we needed it for Presto. And I want streaming, not foxtel channels. I’ll be heading across to Stan. If I wanted foxtel, I would have gotten that in the first place.

  2. That’s a pretty raw deal when you break it down long term. Closing Presto is a terrible thing for those customers, sure I get it if the venture didn’t break even or never made a profit, but this isn’t a great interesting deal.

    Chances are instead that Presto customers are just going to find themselves subbing to Stan or more likely Netflix.

  3. Foxtel are being commercially tricky again, testing the water with the streaming market. Those already subscribed to Foxtel (not Optus, which is also interesting for the future of this company in pay TV) need to add to their monthly fees for Foxtel play which is pointless as they would also use Foxtel Go. Foxtel by streaming their content would be demonstrating that the extra fee for a set top box and maintaining all that cable TV infrastructure is now obsolete, especially if their Foxtel Play app is offered to smart TV manufacturers. Foxtel like Netflix should then stream HD content with the potential for 4K as well, at a competitive cost. With the introduction of Foxtel high speed routers as part of their current packages I would say that HD and UHD streaming packages of foxtel content including Fox sports are not that far away.

  4. Just a warning, I signed up and had a look around at what shows were available I decided I didn’t like it and tried to cancel. The website didn’t work. I tried about 10 times. I then rang them and talked to someone in India who said try in 24 hrs and that you cannot cancel unless it is done online. Miraculously it worked eventually and i cancelled.

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