Next Game of Thrones spin-off filming

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms is now filming in Ireland.

Production on the A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms has commenced in Belfast, Ireland.

The latest Game of Thrones spin-off features Peter Claffey (Harry Wild), Dexter Sol Ansell (Emmerdale), Finn Bennett (True Detective: Night Country), Bertie Carvel (The Crown), Tanzyn Crawford (Tiny Beautiful Things), Daniel Ings (Sex Education) and Sam Spruell (Small Axe: Mangrove).

Adapted from George R. R. Martin’s novella “The Hedge Knight,” the first season will follow the exploits of the knight Ser Duncan the Tall (Peter Claffey) and his young squire, Egg (Dexter Sol Ansell), roughly 100 years before the events of Game of Thrones and 100 years after the events of House of the Dragon. Keep up….

Their journey will take them to a competition in which they encounter several members of the Targaryen dynasty — including Prince Aerion Targaryen (Bennett), Prince Baelor Targaryen (Carvel) and Prince Maekar Targaryen (Spruell) — along with another knight known as the Laughing Storm, Ser Lyonel Baratheon (Ings) and a puppeteer named Tanselle (Crawford).

The series is written and executive produced by Martin and Ira Parker (The Sympathizer, House of the Dragon). Fans can also expect the show to run for around three seasons should everything go according to plan.

Expected in late 2025 it isn’t yet clear where the series will screen in Australia, given there are rumours of MAX coming to the market.

Source: Variety, IGN

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