Hamish & Andy to wrap radio, for TV plans.

One more year only, say radio hosts Hamish and Andy, ahead of TV return.


Hamish and Andy have signalled their final year on radio -at least for the foreseeable future- to focus on new television projects for Nine.

The duo will return to Southern Cross Austereo in 2017 but are expected to have their new show on Nine by July.

“In light of new TV arrangements we were actually thinking of finishing up this year, but we are having so much fun so it seemed crazy to stop,” Andy Lee said from Byron Bay, yesterday.

“It’s been 13 years of regular radio with SCA. It’s been awesome and our listeners are awesome, so it’s nice to head into 2017 with them knowing it will be our last,” Hamish Blake added. “We’re not saying we’ll never return, but this will be our last radio year for some time.”

The new TV show, which is not expected to be another Gap Year series, is yet to be announced.

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  1. I dismissed Hamish and Andy as rubbish when it was on and didn’t watch it. A few months ago a local video shop closed and sold all its DVDs for 50 cents each. One of the DVDs I bought was Hamish and Andy’s Euro Gap Year and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ll probably be watching when they return to TV.

  2. So it looks like it’s a full blown retirement from radio, rather than last time which was a semi-retirement, I guess you could say?

    A lot of people have gotten sick of them, but their radio show has definitely been more or less on form this past year, and their band tour has surprisingly turned out to be some of their best trips around the country, and actually made for good radio. Much preferred it to Caravan of Courage which didn’t make for good radio, heavily relying on visuals :/

    It has been very refreshing rather than some of the other shows on other networks which are… rather… toxic, I guess could say *cough*Katetimandmarty*cough*.

    I’m guessing the new show on Nine will be something to do with the “friendship group stories” they were asking podcast listeners to send in. Very curious to see what happens!

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