‘Late night’ pilot rumoured for Seven


More rumours on plans for ‘late night’ projects for 2017, this time for Seven…..

Lawrence Mooney and Darren McMullen have reportedly both been tested for a potential late night show for Seven for 2017.

Entertainment reporter Peter Ford told 3AW today “Seven are toying with various ideas and piloting different people.

“Lawrence is pretty full on though, he might have to pull it back a little bit for Channel Seven. Nothing is set in stone by any stretch of the imagination, but a good pilot.”

Other tests are expected to come with hosts in Sydney.

The project is rumoured to be eyeing a 9:30, rather than 10:30pm, timeslot.

Rove McManus was recently linked to a possible Nine project, but it is said to be a panel show on movie trivia rather than a return to a traditional Tonight show.


  1. Nothing to entice me to watch channel 7’s main feed these days. In rural Queensland the local main channel in SD looks like someone has smeared vaseline across the screen. HD 9 and 10 look excellent. Move into the 21st Century Channel 7.

  2. As much as I want this to get it’s legs, I really can’t see other channels sharing their celebrities like the US networks do, I could be wrong and I hope I am, but the bad blood between Seven and Nine won’t help.

  3. I think Lawrence Mooney had a 9Dirty, sorry I mean 9.30, show already.
    Id rather there was a return to cult status on that sweet ABC2 coin for Moonman personally….

  4. Is it just me or is Lawrence Mooney really annoying?

    He has an average impersonation of Malcolm Turnbull which he always does to make an easy “Malcolm says every letter in the word” joke and a bunch of other unfunny jokes. Can someone tell me that I am not the only one to think this.

  5. I think Lawrence Mooney would shine as a Late Night TV host due to his comedic abilities but definitely not Darren McMullen. I would just see his Late Night show as unfunny and awkward like the Big Music Quiz.

  6. Loved Dirty Laundry but would imagine it would be considered too “risqué” for mainstream 7.
    Agree with Peter Ford that Lawrence would have to “bite his tongue” considerably in any show he does on 7.
    That would be a shame as Lawrence is at his offensive best when given a free reign.

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