Logie Awards 2017: who missed the cut?

Dave Hughes, Jackie Woodburne, Alan Fletcher, Kerri-Anne & Eddie Perfect you are not alone.


Dave Hughes, Jackie Woodburne, Alan Fletcher, Kerri-Anne Kennerley, and Eddie Perfect you are not alone.

You were all eligible for Logies voting this year but you never even made it to the voting form due to caps placed on each network by TV Week.

Once again big name stars have missed out being in the running for any popular votes as networks are forced to choose between stars.

There are around 90 male and female actors up for grabs this year and around 150 presenters (this includes reality judges, reporters & hosts) encompassing 5 Free to Air networks, Foxtel & Streaming. It’s not clear how many each was allowed to submit for each category.

But since the Logies moved to online voting several years ago, the tallying of votes is computerised, meaning there is no allocation for a blank “Other” for viewers who wish to add absent names.

For some networks choosing talent from ensemble casts is a delicate balancing act.

With a cast the size of Neighbours not everyone will make the cut and the network is forced to share the love each year. This year Stefan Dennis, Ryan Moloney, Andrew Morley, Colette Mann, Olympia Valance, Scott McGregor and Fifi Box are amongst those who are in contention. But other stalwarts such as Jackie Woodburne, Alan Fletcher, Carla Bonner and Tom Oliver have lucked out along with others including Rebekah Elmaloglou, Damien Richardson, Kate Kendall, Meyne Wyatt, Chris Milligan, Harlie Bonner, Travis Burns, Matt Wilson, Tim Phipps, Ariel Kaplan.

There seem to be fewer omissions at Home and Away but they include Nic Westaway, Johnny Ruffo and Orpheus Pledger.

ABC has submitted Josh Thomas for Please Like Me but not his fine co-stars including Keegan Joyce, Deborah Lawrence, Thomas Ward or Hannah Gadsby.

If your show is deemed a flop your chances the odds are stacked against your name being put forward. All of the Australia’s Got Talent faces are absent: host Dave Hughes (who is also a Footy Show regular), Dicko (recently seen on First Contact), Sophie Monk and Eddie Perfect missed out. Spare a thought for Perfect, who was also seen on Offspring and his own sitcom The Future is Expensive. 3 shows, 0 voting options.

Sam McClymont is overlooked for The Farmer Wants a Wife (although the show is listed), along with House Rules judges Joe Snell, Wendy Moore & Carolyn Burns-McCrave and The Block‘s Neale Whitaker, Darren Palmer, Dan Reilly & Keith Schleiger (Shaynna Blaze is eligible for Selling Houses Australia). And you didn’t want to vote for any sharks from Shark Tank or The Recruit team did you?

While all her X Factor pals are there (including Adam Lambert), no such luck for Mel B.

Rachel Khoo misses out for Zumbo’s Just Desserts, whilst the man himself has a Best New Talent listing (despite a whole Zumbo series screening on SBS).

There’s bad news in kid’s TV too. You can’t vote for Nowhere Boys (either the show or the cast) or Play School presenters (Kate Ritchie has a listing for the 50th Anniversary special). Meanwhile former Saturday Disney hosts Candice Dixon, Teigan Nash and Nathan Morgan also miss out. Add James Rees (Giggle and Hoot) and all of the Little Lunch kids to the list.

SBS foodies Luke Nguyen, Shane Delia, Peter Kuruvita are also overlooked but Poh Ling Yeow and Maeve O’Meara fare better.

Even former PM John Howard wasn’t given a presenter listing for his doco on Sir Robert Menzies.

Other TV presenters who are also out of contention are Kerri-Anne Kennerley (Sunday Night), Kitty Flanagan (The Weekly), Geraldine Doogue (Compass), Julian Morrow & Kirsten Drysdale (The Checkout, The Chaser), Karla Grant (Living Black), Leila McKinnon (Inside Story), Steven O’Donnell & Stephanie Bendixsen (Good Game), Paul West (River Cottage Australia), Graeme Blundell (Stage & Screen), Peter Maddison (Grand Designs Australia), Sam Mac (Sunrise, Best Bits), Mel McLaughlin (Olympics), Bruce McAvaney (Olympics), and Craig Foster and Lucy Zelic (A-League).

Other performers to miss the list are Lawrence Mooney, Brooke Satchwell,  the Soul Mates and Katering Show casts, Rahel Romahn and Joel Jackson (from winning new talent to not being submitted…..).

Meanwhile big names from House Husbands are also out -but that’s Nine’s doing because the show didn’t air this year: Gary Sweet, Gyton Grantley, Rhys Muldoon, Firass Dirani (Julia Morris and Darren McMullen have separate hosting entries).

There also appears to be no Community TV names on the popular lists this year.

Not being listed on actor or presenter lists automatically rules you out of contention for the Gold Logie too.

But you can vote for the 2016 Logie Awards itself as Best Entertainment program.

On their website FAQs TV Week explained:

Q) My favourite actor/actress wasn’t on the list when I went to vote. Can I add them to the list?
A) Unfortunately not. Each network has a set number of people/shows they can put forward to be nominated, and with so much talent around it can be hard to make a shortlist.

TV Week declined to comment further.

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  1. Amongst the list of names that didn’t make the cut, I can see very few who would have had a chance of picking up a nomination anyway. It took me five attempts to submit my votes this year because of website errors. I am concerned that a lot of people would just give up trying, resulting in less votes.

  2. I was really surprised with this. Previous years they’ve had a more complete list for voting and I was surprised this year people couldn’t vote for ‘Typer’ on Neighbours (mavournee hazel and Travis burns). Yet you can vote for people who were only on Neighbours for a few months and have now left (eg, Sarah Ellen).

  3. Perhaps different channels have different limits as well. For example, you can vote for Sky News shows Paul Murray Live and To The Point, and hosts Paul Murray and David Speers, but you can’t vote for the hosts of To The Point in the presenter category, nor can you vote for any show David Speers actually presents! Not to mention omissions of their high profile names such as Alan Jones, Andrew Bolt, etc or their shows.

    Also seems such double standards having Zumbo for best new talent when, as the article notes, he hosted an SBS series. The category is best new talent on television, not just best new talent on the network! The voting system needs an update next year. An ‘other’ option should be included.

  4. Yeah I remember back in the day the list was just a guide & they had other for you to vote for someone not on the list. I wanted to vote for Sean Micallef but he wasn’t on the list. I had to settle for Mad as Hell.

    1. For sure!!
      A crying shame Debra has been overlooked yet again.
      She is exceptional in PLM and so deserves glowing accolades.
      As do many other deserving local actors/shows who are all too often snubbed in favour of some very mediocre/questionable nominees.

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