Red carpet “sausage party” protests AACTAs


The AACTA Awards was preceded last night by a Red Carpet protest from members of Women in Film and Television NSW, angered over a lack of gender parity in the 2016 nominations.

Around a dozen women dressed as sausages chanted to “End the Sausage Party” outside the Star Event centre in Sydney.

“We’re actually here, dressed appropriately for Australia’s biggest sausage party,” they told media.

“We’re really calling on AACTA to serve up some more transparency in their really poor gender performance.”

They claim that of 28 narrative feature films pre-selected for the AACTAs Screening Tour, just two were directed by women.

The group streamed their protest live on Facebook and posted a statement on their website, saying they “staged a public protest to highlight the disproportionately low amount of nominations and pre-selected films directed and driven by female creatives.”

ABC reports the protestors were removed by security, before being confronted by police.

Photo: Twitter


  1. Don’t want get too political here and with all due respect to my Mom, why is it always about women? How about the ethnic minority or the LGBT community? We don’t often see protests from them.

    • The Oscars were criticised for a lack of African American nominees earlier this year. The Emmys managed to come along with very diverse and very deserving winners, showing it is possible to do both.

      • There’s always protests from people but I seem to read a lot of protests from certain so called minority group in the media. At the end of the day, it is all about hard work, perseverance and quality of your work. Sometimes people are a bit sensitive. I can say I am a ‘minority’ in this country but I have no problems recognising people (who are different from me) based on their good work. They deserve the recognition.

  2. Aren’t awards supposed to be about best, rather than parity.

    Maybe these woman could focus their energy on making quality tv and movies and they will then be nominated rather than playing dress ups.

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