Airdate: Lethal Weapon

New US action series based on the feature film begins this Sunday night.

Nine will premiere new US action series Lethal Weapon this Sunday night.

Based on the feature film of the same name, it stars Damon Wayans in the role originated by Danny Glover and Clayne Crawford in the role originally played by Mel Gibson.

It received mixed reviews in the US but has been picked up for a full season.

This premiered in the US in September.

8pm Sunday on Nine.


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  1. I have see all the episodes so far from the US… this reboot is fantastic… this show will rate well provided that Nine will air this at a suitable time. here’s hoping.

      1. I watch a “preview” back in September last year and have watched 11 more “previews” since. It’s a really good show. Does justice to the movies…
        But will Nine have faith in the show and do it justice?

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