MKR ahead of Celebrity, Married in unofficial ratings battle

Seven’s My Kitchen Rules has debuted on top of the ratings with 1.31m viewers.

In the unofficial ratings battle it bettered TEN’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here on 959,000 -it’s best number excluding launches and finales- and Nine’s Married at First Sight on 820,000.

MKR was down on 2016’s 1.576m season launch.

Nine will have concerns about landing third in the race, yet sales chief Michael Stephenson managed to find a positive spin due to improvement on Australia’s Got Talent.

“In the key demographics, Married is up 27% on AGT last year in 25-54s, 56% with 16-39s and we expect it to continue to perform well in the weeks to come,” he said.

“There has also been a very strong reaction to the program online with Married coming number one in the Nielsen Social ratings and the preview of episode one on 9Now drawing more than 47,000 streams ahead of last night.

Married has done what we wanted which is to lift audiences in the demos. With eight more weddings, and more stories to unfold, it will continue to grow audiences in the demographics, which is what advertisers want.”

Meanwhile Bride and Prejudice also won its slot for Seven with 874,000 viewers.

It’s gonna be a long year, folks…


  1. It’d be great if the seriously overrated MKR got beaten in the ratings. Doesn’t matter whether it’s Married, Celebrity, or anything for that matter, so long as those annoying overblown MKR judges finally get their comeuppance!

    • Seven’s stellar reality casting for this juggernaut strikes again. They could not have scripted better villains, yet bizarrely, they have been the most generous and even-handed with their final scores.

  2. I watched 5 mins of live fta last night, the ABC weather report, and then it was PVR’ed stuff. The highlight being Stephen Colbert’s “late show” opening monologue about Donald Trump. Who needs a gag writer when you have the POTUS? I missed 45mins of “Endeavour” due to the tennis and discovered that the major storyline of “Major Crimes” stretches to 5 eps, 2 more to go!

  3. Hopefully this won’t last long not really a fan of this (drama) show not cooking show- it’s funny how the commercials was based around drama and not the cooking- “about what did the contestant say next etc” can’t wait for masterchef to come back that’s a real cooking show.

    • It is nominally a cooking contest. What it really is is a study in disparate personalities and group dynamics, like all reality shows featuring groups of strangers being brought together is. It is Survivor, Kitchen edition, always has been. Think of it as a sociology experiment, not a cooking contest.

  4. Very Suspicious about Celebrity on TEN cause Steve Price is on Twitter posting comments about politics and other thing’s.
    There was a comment that Steve’s daughter is using his dad’s twitter account. The question i ask is Celebrity Live or has it already been filmed week’s ago ??????

  5. I never expected Celebrity to beat Married, – this is why I love the ratings! Of course, I never doubted MKR to be out in front of both of them. Married still within striking distance if Celebrity though, and it may be ahead tonight, based on last year’s audience growth from Ep 1 to 2.

  6. Cracker of an opening episode for MKR, loved it. Can i beseech TV Week to make a new category for Best Reality Casting, cause Seven have done it again, if this first lot of contestants is any indication, Seven have nailed it yet again. MAFS = dismal debut numbers.

  7. For a show in its seventh season, MKR is still doing very well, if still down with arguably stronger competition from MAFS. I expected MAFS to outrate I’m A Celeb, but perhaps the late arrivals last night kept viewers interested an extra night. Nine should be worried if they can’t lift to beat Ten in the nights ahead.

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