Nine News Canberra kicks off regional news boost

The first of Nine’s new regional bulletins, produced in conjunction with Southern Cross Austereo, will begin in Canberra on Monday, February 6.

Former ABC News Breakfast weather presenter Vanessa O’Hanlon fronts the bulletin, using Canberra-based news-gathering staff, with production and editorial staff based in Sydney. The one-hour bulletin will be broadcast at 6.00pm each week night, compiling local news sport and weather reports, together with national and international news.

Grant Blackley, Chief Executive Officer of SCA, said: “We are pleased to be able to broadcast a Canberra-based news service for our viewers. We are committed to investing in jobs and our local communities, bringing the best local stories to air and providing our Canberra clients and businesses with new opportunities to reach their customers.”

Mike Dalton, Director of Regional News for the Nine Network, said: “Nine has had a big presence in Canberra for many years, spearheaded by Australia’s No. 1 political journalist, Laurie Oakes. We’re now expanding our footprint beyond the walls of Parliament House, with a team of reporters out in the suburbs reporting the stories that matter most to the residents of the ACT. Nine News has been broadcasting for more than 60 years and now it’s Canberra’s turn to experience the bulletin that Australians turn to for trust, credibility and experience.”

Further regional bulletins in NSW, Victoria and Qld will be rolled out in the coming months, as part of a significant expansion in regional news.


  1. There will be 2 camera crews, each comprising of 1 person, who will be camera, lighting, audio, etc., who also has to be editor before uploading to Sydney.
    “with a team of reporters out in the suburbs”. Well…, a “team” of 2 reporters, Emma Larouche and Rosie Kingsun. Be a stretch to cover anything after 5pm or at weekends, such as sport. Maybe lots of overtime?
    ““We are pleased to be able to broadcast a Canberra-based news service for our viewers” yet “production and editorial staff (are) based in Sydney”, as will be the presenter.

  2. This article talks as if local Canberra news is an amazing new invention. Yet 9 booted it years ago, it was broadcast from studios near Kingston. It’s not a new thing, it’s just they have funding now to bring it back.

    Which is a very good thing.

    It will be interesting to see with regional news returning if they find something to actually report on, considering investigative journalism mostly now is following a Twitter feed.

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