Returning: Bondi Rescue

Season 12 of the long-running observational Bondi Rescue begins on TEN in just over 2 week’s time.

The series returns on January 29 as the lead-in to the season launch of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!

It is the deadliest start to a summer on record. With its sparkling charm and picture-perfect scenery, hundreds of tourists flock to Bondi every single day and the Lifeguards are on edge after a concerning amount of drownings occur across the country.

On one afternoon, a man is being kept afloat by three tourists in the South Corner. The Lifeguards on duty spot them in trouble and go to help. As they bring him to shore they notice he isn’t holding up too well. Is he suffering from water on the lungs?

It is one of his first days on the job as a new trainee Lifeguard and Tommy is on patrol with Head Lifeguard, Hoppo. With extreme weather conditions and large crowds, will he be able to perform during Bondi’s hottest summer?

Sunday, 29 January, 6:30pm on TEN.


  1. I quite like BR but it has been getting very repetitive. I said to them on Facebook two years ago to go easy on the negative stuff – rescues, people needing ambulances, that sort of thing over and over – and show more of the appealing side of Bondi Beach. The Muscle Beach gym training area, the rope climbing at Ben Buckler, the beautiful people on the beach, Campbell Parade and the shops, the Bondi Pavillion, the skate park and the Icebergs pool. They completely ignored me and it was just the same old thing last season.

    I’m wondering how long this program can last just showing the worst of Bondi Beach. The beach is iconic and deserves to be shown in the best possible light, not just as a dangerous place with people being rescued over and over.

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