TEN News reverts to single presenters (again)

TEN Eyewitness News is reverting to single news presenters in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane once again, with Hugh Riminton, Candice Wyatt and Lachlan Kennedy no longer at the desk from Monday February 13.

All three will be back on the news beat as Senior Reporters, with Riminton to specialise in political and foreign coverage, plus special investigations.

Sandra Sully will present in Sydney, with Stephen Quartermain solo in Melbourne and Georgina Lewis in Brisbane.

There are no changes to solo presentations by Narelda Jacobs in Perth and Rebecca Morse in Adelaide.

TEN previously ditched its 2 presenters in 2012 in a deep cost-cutting move in 2012 losing names such as Bill Woods, Helen Kapalos (despite knowing Mal Walden was soon retiring), Bill McDonald. Some twelve months later it returned to two presenters in those markets.

Yesterday a TEN publicity release put a positive spin on the revamp, noting it would “herald a new, uniform look” and describing it as “a logical move that would be welcomed by viewers.”

Network Ten Executive Director, News, John Choueifate, said “TEN Eyewitness News First At Five is regarded by viewers as a trusted, quality source of the latest news, plus sport and weather,” he said.

“Our viewers know that we always bring them the stories that are most important to them. We have had single presenters of our 5pm News in Adelaide and Perth for years. It makes sense to move to that model in the other cities and, at the same time, strengthen our reporting teams.

“Hugh, Candice and Lachlan are quality journalists who add years of experience to our reporting line-up. I’m thrilled to have them back on the road.”

TEN’s national weekend bulletin will continue to be presented by Natarsha Belling.


  1. While all the flip flopping between one and two presenters is silly, Hugh Is a great reporter and it’s good he’ll have a national presence again

  2. If only they would get rid of Tim Bailey, then I might be able to watch the weather.
    I’m sure he causes people to have seizures due to his non stop movement.

  3. Seems logical, always had a smile when either Candice or Stephen were on leave,sick etc but either of them did the bulletin on their own! .
    Now if they do away with over paid weather presenters which also could and has been done by the news readers,we get our weather info from the BOM app or website,and they are the best script writers,read them and see where weather presenters get their scripts from

  4. Personally l find the dual presenters a not to much. Its all about content and delivery. To many hour long new services repeat the same news and deliver it the same way ie same wording. It gets boring very quickly. Mix it up a little, use different words and sentences.

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