TV Tonight turns 10!

Standing L to R:
Fiona Choi (The Family Law), Harrison Feldman (Upper Middle Bogan), Brett Climo (A Place to Call Home), Matthew Richardson (Seven’s AFL), Brian Nankervis (RocKwiz), Mal Walden (TEN News), Joel Creasey (I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!), Jo Hall (Nine News), Gamble Breaux (The Real Housewives of Melbourne).

Seated L to R:
Joe Klocek (Nowhere Boys), Kat Stewart (Offspring), John Deeks (Seven), Colette Mann (Neighbours), Shareena Clanton (Wentworth), Keegan Joyce (Please Like Me), Barry Cassidy (Insiders).

TV talent from all networks have come together to mark 10 years of TV Tonight.

Since January 5th 2007 the site has now racked up nearly 50,000 posts, over 400,000 comments and broken more than a few scoops. More on the retrospective soon…

I thought long and hard about the best way to mark 10 years for my blog.

The date falling in the first week of January meant any kind of physical event was difficult -and in the end I decided it should all be focused online for readers, wherever they are.

So I settled on a group talent photo. Coming together in one place for one purpose would be a statement in itself.

I began discussions with networks about who we could corral. Wow, what a task. Having dealt with publicists for a decade I certainly got a quick lesson in just how hard it was to orchestrate smoothly. I now appreciate their work a little bit more!

Collectively we had to juggle the right mix, availability, concept, approval, fees (nobody took any), hair & make-up, outfits, transport, refreshments. With late cancellations it was a moving feast right to the end. Finally with 16 people all posed on the floor, a 17th was on the phone saying they were running late, could we please hold? Sorry, no! Click!

But I am proud as punch of the final shot -snapped in record time. Nobody could quite believe how smoothly it went.

The 16 personalities you see are drawn from Drama, Comedy, Reality, Light Entertainment, News, Sport, Music and Children’s Television.ABC, Seven, Nine, TEN, SBS & Foxtel are all represented. I wanted a range of Diversity, with veterans sitting alongside rising stars – hallmarks of the site for the past decade.

It’s also fitting that Colette Mann is sitting front and centre. Decades ago Colette was instrumental in helping me attend the set of Prisoner for an article for the school newspaper. Guess I’ve come full circle….

Thank you to the talent, publicists, agents and pals who assisted on the day in making this happen, plus photographer James Penlidis & Sanjeev.

You will also see industry birthday galleries & posts today and beyond, with posts acknowledging the occasion for a while to come.

Of course today is my day to thank you, loyal readers, who are here day in and day out, on weekends, public holidays, after hours, most more than once a day. Whether in the industry or audience, it’s a mutual passion that has kept the site alive.

If you wish to send any birthday messages via social media feel free to use the hashtag #TVT10.


Photo: James Penlidis


  1. Congratulations David.

    I personally don’t want much television, however, I am fervent reader of your site and commend you on your push for diversity in Australia’s television shows and the important women in television who have been shunned for far too long and deserve the recognition of their contribution to the Australian culture.

  2. Who would have thought that a website which started out IIRC as a Blogger blog would turn into the TV industry reporting juggernaut that TV Tonight has become!?

    Congratulations David on TV Tonight’s 10th birthday and thanks for all the hard work you put in keeping everyone informed on what’s happening in the TV landscape and letting us hear from those involved both in front of and behind the camera. Here’s hoping TV Tonight continues for many decades to come!

  3. Has it been 10 years already? Time flies when you’re having fun.

    Happy Birthday David. Thank you so much for your daily posts in here, even on your “holidays”. You do an amazing job, hence why most of us do log in on a daily basis. Bravo 🙂

  4. Thanks for providing us with a fantastic website that is the only place required to visit for all TV news. Happy Birthday and I hope David is enjoying his hiatus!!

  5. David, ten years of running, probably the best entertainment blog in this country – just amazing stuff. I have found some amazing shows from your blog, and the way the blog is run is great. Good luck for another 10 years of TT, and hopefully many many more news breaking stories come from this site first.

  6. Congratulations and thank you!! This is the first site I look at each morning to see what has been happening while I was sleeping. (I often wonder when you sleep!!) lol

  7. David, you are a class act and your site is a very classy affair indeed. Thank you for 10 years of superb news and great reading and for making TV Tonight a destination always worth dropping by. Happy Birthday and many cheers to you. X

  8. I’ve been reading TVT for I think about 7 years or so now and I still don’t know what David Knox looks like! Congratulations on ten fantastic years and for garnering industry and consumer respect in equal measure from all the hard work. I visit a couple of times a day and love bantering with readers. I’ve made a couple of good friends, too (hi Reezy and Steven!). Thank you and happy anniversary!

  9. My goodness how time flies. I followed you from your segments on JoyFM that I used to listen to whilst driving home from work, been reading and commenting since the early days. Happy 10th Birthday TVT.

  10. Long time no comment!
    I think I first heard of the TV Tonight blog when David was filling in for Robert Fidgeon with Ernie Sigley or possibly Debbie Enker with Jon Faine. I’ve been a daily reader ever since and early on a frequent poster. TV Tonight’s a blog/ news site where you’ll rarely hear any bad news, compared to mainstrea m news sites and reasonably balanced commentary (although some comments leave a bit to be desired at times!)

    Congrats on the 10 years, may there be many more to come.

  11. Congratulations David!
    Your site is a must for me everyday, well a few times a day 🙂 I have enjoyed your work for many years now.
    Happy 10th birthday.

  12. daveinprogress

    Congratulations David; that is quite a milestone and a huge achievement; testament to your endless passion and energy to not only survive but thrive and excel in this venture. It’s very lovely to see so many great folks turn up for the shoot. Enjoy your celebration and revel in your creation here.

  13. For those of us who have worked in the industry for years and have left or retired this is a wonderful site to keep in touch with the goss and check the ratings. Happy Birthday TV Tonight and we’ll done David !

  14. Happy birthday TV Tonight and many thanks to you David for your dedication to TV and the media. I visit your site many times a day and look forward to many more years of interesting and entertaining articles to come. What a wonderful group of people to celebrate the anniversary with!

  15. Congratulations David and a very Happy 10th Birthday to TV Tonight.
    Thanks so much for this wonderful site and all the effort and hard work you put in to make it so good.
    Looking forward to the next 10 years with TVT.

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