Airdate: Planet Earth II

Sir David Attenborough’s Planet Earth II will finally have its Australian debut at 7.30pm on Wednesday, February 15.

Filmed a decade after the original Planet Earth, the series comes in high definition.

It premiered in the UK in November.

The opening episode of Planet Earth II was the most watched natural history program in the UK for more than 15 years. Narrated by Sir David and produced by the BBC’s Natural History Unit, this phenomenal program uses the latest in filming technology to reveal the natural world from amazing new perspectives.

Stabilisation techniques have freed up the cameras to directly follow in the animals’ footsteps – experiencing the world up close and very personal through the use of drones, incredible 4K resolution cameras and ultra-high-quality, new-generation camera traps.

Exploring islands, mountains, jungles, deserts, grasslands and cities all around the globe, this breathtaking series brings viewers many firsts all captured on film – including snow leopards hunting, fighting and mating; bobcats stalking their prey during the North American winter; Brazilian railroad worms; millipedes; and even catfish hunting pigeons, plus much more.

Planet Earth II has been in production for over three years across 40 countries. The most remote areas of the planet have been accessed to make and deliver the most intricate and fascinating look ever inside the animal kingdom.

Wednesday, February 15, at 7.30pm on Nine.


  1. BBC needs to stop messing around with these stupid content deals for individual shows and simulcast everything to it’s own channels on Foxtel and Fetch.

  2. Jesus, no wonder I don’t watch much FTA any more. I’ve had this on bluray since the middle of December and I enjoyed what is an excellent series without being destroyed by commercials.

  3. If you are a fan of the series, you would of already of watched it, either by “other means” or bought the bluray or dvd from amazon uk. Bit slow Channel 9.

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