Update: House Husbands

Heads up House Husbands fans, the show has a double episode on Monday at 8:40pm.

It finally includes the long-awaited arrival of Delta Goodrem as reading recovery teacher Izzy Dreyfus.

There are at least two more episodes yet to play out thereafter. Footy Classified screens at 10:40pm in its markets.

Meanwhile Planet Earth II also concludes on Wednesday with “Planet Earth II: Diaries” giving behind the scenes info.

On Tuesday Travel Guides will switch to the UK edition, with the Australian version already at an end.


  1. I hate it when they do this. Drama should be finished by 9.30pm every night, so people who have to get up for work the next day can get a good night’s rest.
    I’ll watch the first episode and then “try” and use the 9Now app to watch the second at a later date.

  2. Finally.
    I reckon Denise Scott, Jane alsop and the lady who plays looby should be in the picture as well as the others as they have been featured more,

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