Airdate: Sports Sunday

Emma Freedman, who was dumped by Nine in 2014, will host a new sports panel program.

Emma Freedman, who was dumped by Nine in 2014, will host a new sports panel program, Sports Sunday.

The show, to premiere Sunday, March 5, will include Peter FitzSimons, Liz Ellis, Michael Slater and Neil Breen, with regular appearances from sports stars such as Michael Clarke, John Steffensen, David Warner and Candice Warner.

The show is described as “a frank and open debate about all the issues in the week of sport, with the promise of heated opinion and a few laughs along the way.”

In a 10am Sunday timeslot it will also go up against ABC’s sports panel show Offsiders.

“I am honoured to be taking the baton from sports broadcasting legend Ken Sutcliffe to host this new Sunday sports show. If it happens in the week of sport, here and overseas, rest assured we’ll be talking about it and possibly arguing about it. We’ve already had trial runs and if they’re anything to go by, strap yourselves in,” said Freedman.

Nine’s Director of Sport, Tom Malone, said “We’ve conducted plenty of research over the summer and the viewers have told us they want to see opinion and debate, and with the names we’ve assembled, that’s all they’ll be getting.”

The Wide World of Sports website will also include columns, blogs, podcasts and vodcasts from the team.

Nine’s Chief Digital and Marketing Officer, Alex Parsons, said: “We are excited about how the increasing integration of our on-air personalities into our digital offering will continue to drive the growth of online audiences.”

10am Sunday, March 5.

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  1. I’ll stick to Offsiders thanks and thank christ they finally started doing a summer series. I always thought it was strange Offsiders didn’t run through January given all the sport that is on. Kelli Underwood has been great in the hosts chair also.

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