I’m a Celebrity tops press coverage

My Kitchen Rules won the OzTAM ratings battle hands down, and according to media intelligence agency Meltwater, it also dominated social media chatter on Monday night.

MKR had a 52.5% “share of voice” in social media.

But in terms of online press coverage TEN’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here was dominant at 63%.

Meanwhile Nine yesterday said that Married at First Sight has scored in the¬†Nielsen Social Ratings (Twitter & Facebook) ahead of the show’s launch. TEN claimed¬†#ImACelebrityAU trended at #2 nationally on Monday night.

Fortunately for Seven, it’s OzTAM that counts most with advertisers.


  1. As is my want, I read six media sites every day. Just a cursory glance at the click bait headlines you can see that I am a Celebrity is made for such articles. Beat up heading followed by a rehash of the show talking points and everyone is happy. It would be interesting to know if the producers give contestants coaching before going into the jungle as to how best generate controversy and string it out over time.

  2. I was reading that MKR is slipping in the ratings still came no 1 nationally but the gap is tightening with Married AFS & I’m a Celebrity- In Melb MKR came third in it’s slot where I’m a celeb came 1st- interesting to see how it pans out this year..

  3. Are those inane “tweets” intruding on MKR included? How can viewers score a dinner judging on what a few other people comment and what it looks like in a video?

  4. How could I’m A Celebrity not dominate press coverage … they pay for newspaper journalists to fly to South Africa and leak them stories to ensure it!

  5. I’d love to know the percentage of online press for IACGMOOH that is written by Johnathan Moran. Ten are getting their money’s worth out of him that’s for sure.

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