New Katherine Heigl drama in Doubt

US legal drama, due on TEN in 2017, loses its case with CBS after just two episodes.

New US drama Doubt, starring Katherine Heigl has been dropped by CBS after just two episodes.

The plot sees Heigl as a brilliant attorney who falls for her client, an altruistic pediatric surgeon (Steven Pasquale), accused of murdering his girlfriend.

The series debuted to 5.31 million total viewers, in live-plus-same day numbers, before falling to 4.03 million viewers a weeks later – but that was a drop of 45% from its Criminal Minds lead-in.

It’s not good news for the former Grey’s Anatomy star whose previous series, State of Affairs, also ended at 13 episodes.

Nor is it good news for TEN, which announced the series for Australian viewers as part of its 2017 line-up.

Whether it will now be shafted to a multichannel remains to be seen.

Source: Variety

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  1. She bit the hand of Shonda Rhimes, probably the most powerful female television producer with three hit shows on her roster. There’s no secret in Hollywood that Rhimes and Heigl parted less than amicably when Heigl simply did not show up for filming on the 1st of March 2010 which was during Season 6 and then announced she simply quit and wanted out of her contract. Her timing was inconvenient and many re-writes had to be done to accommodate the fact that Izzie Stevens was not returning from her tantrum over her marriage to Alex Karev. Rumor has it that the cast were less than enthused. With Ellen Pompeo on a light schedule because she was pregnant, this caused problems. I am also sure that Rhimes would have written her out in the season finale when the gunman went crazy all over the hospital. I’m also betting that Izzie would have been the first one gunned down or perhaps Izzie would…

  2. Gee and it ticks so many boxes.
    Lawyer: check
    Specialist doctor: check
    Complicated/complicating relationship between leads: check
    Resolution of some past wrong: check
    Katherine Heigl not in lead role: uh-oh

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