The Office tops US streaming

Steve Carell comedy was the most streamed show in the US in 2020.

Steve Carell comedy The Office was the most streamed show in the US in 2020, according to Nielsen.

And it led by a country mile with 57.1 billion minutes streamed, well ahead of second place Grey’s Anatomy on 39.4B and Criminal Minds on 35.4B.

1. The Office 57.1billion
2. Grey’s Anatomy 39.4bn
3. Criminal Minds 35.4bn
4. Ozark 30.5bn
5. NCIS 28.1bn
6. Schitt’s Creek 23.8bn
7. Supernatural 20.3bn
8. Lucifer 19.0bn
9. Shameless 18.2bn
10. The Crown 16.3bn

Netflix lost the rights to The Office in the US from January 1 this year, when it moved to rival Peacock.

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  1. Friends isn’t on Netflix in the US anymore, it’s only on HBO max, which only launched in May and doesn’t have anywhere near the same level of subscribers that Netflix has. I imagine now that The Office has left Netflix in the US that it won’t be on this list next year either.

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