1. I’m hoping Asiavision goes away and doesn’t eventuate. We have basically have a permanent spot in Eurovision these days so if Asiavision starts we might have to win that to qualify for Europe. Our musical tastes align much more closely with Europe and I’m not sure SBS has the funds or experience to pull off such a big live show like Eurovision. Eurovision is an institution and any “knock-off” event may look a bit lame in comparison…. happy to be proven wrong but it might just be easier to forget about it.

  2. Secret Squïrrel

    Congratulations on being the only Programmer so far to even mention that they have a channel other than the main one. Congratulations also on having more content that I’m interested in than the three commercial networks combined.

    • Due to time constraints I told everyone we would focus on primary channel. Even then I can’t cover all the shows. But I felt it was important to ask about a new channel, especially given some reactions.

      • Secret Squïrrel

        Ok, thanks for clarifying. Wasn’t meant to be a dig at you.

        I know that the multichannels don’t have much first-run content but it would have been nice to have read about one or two upcoming highlights (maybe there aren’t any).

        • Purely time constraints. I get a window of opportunity with busy execs, and hard-pressed to cover all the primary channel shows. It would be good to do these for multichannels too but they are very time consuming (for all). I do run Multichannel Survey annually, thx.

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