28 years later, Geoff Paine returns to Neighbours.

This must be a TV record as the longest break in between soapie role reprisals.

This must be an Aussie TV record as the longest break in between soapie role reprisals.

Actor Geoff Paine has reprised his role as Dr. Clive Gibbons on Neighbours, 28 years after he last appeared on the show.

Paine, who played the local Erinsborough medic from 1986 and 1987 (and again briefly in 1989), has returned in a recurring role as the new COO at Erinsborough Hospital.

Clive also famously ran a gorillagram agency from No 22 Ramsay Street, which fans can also expect to see referenced by Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis).

The affable redhead has kept himself busy in the interim decades, working regularly in theatre, voice-overs and writing, with roles on The Doctor Blake Mysteries, Mal.com, City Homicide, Wilfred, Stingers and The Wedge.

When Stefan Dennis returned to Neighbours it was after a break of 11 years.

Source: Radio Times

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  1. This record was beaten only a few weeks later by Jenny Young as Kim Taylor (now Kim Taylor-Tanaka) who last appeared on the show in 1985! She and Scott Robinson were an item back then (who was portrayed by Darius Perkins at the time). Funnily enough, Darius Perkins would return to Neighbours in 2014 as a different character. They may as well as have brought him back as Scott Robinson seeing as there’s almost no chance in hell of a Minogue/Donovan reunion; at least, not on the actual show (Minogue seems all too happy to appear in interviews but refuses to appear on the series itself).

    I’m just bowled over that they’ve brought back a character to tie up some loose ends after so many years! I hope they keep Kim on the show. It would be nice to have another full family on the street with ties to the series’ long history.

  2. I hope he sticks around then. We have had Hilary and Lucy appear every few months so nice to have a new old face on the the show.

    Longest soap break goes to Dennis Tanner on Coronation Street. He first appeared from 1960-1968. Returning in 2011. 43 year gap!!

    1. He arrived on the show in a gorilla suite, having a job as a gorilla gram, but turned out to be a doctor. He lived i the house now occupied by Therese. He fell in love with a woman whoes name escapes me, but Paul was also a romantic rival for her affections. As others have said he was great comic relief during Neighbours second year and first year in ten. He came back for a guest stint of about six weeks in 1989. At the time there were whispers ten were planning a medical soap spin off involving Clive but that never materialised.

  3. Hopefully they give him some good comic material, despite his very serious new job. He, Craig McLachlan and Mark Little all gave early Neighbours some good laughs that have been lacking since. And Lucinda Cowden as Melanie! Good times.

  4. It was so great to see Geoff Paine back last night! I loved Clive Gibbons! He was my favourite character!
    I hope he stays around for awhile!
    He was great in “The Doctor Blake Mysteries” too. 🙂

  5. Geoff was one of the reasons Neighbours was so successful in the UK. Britons couldn’t believe anyone could be a trained doctor yet chose to work as a telegram boy. It made Australia seem like the ‘promised land’.

  6. You may be right about that. There was also a return of Mr Udagawa, this year, not sure when his last appearance was and he was not a full time character. I’m betting it turns out Clive delivered the Tanaka brothers. I always hoped Clive would return paired with Annie Jones as Jane. They were never romantlicly linked in Ramsay street, but they did play a couple in an episode of The Flying Doctors.

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