Airdate: The Biggest Loser: Transformed

A new-look Biggest Loser launches in mid-March on TEN.

According to News Corp The Biggest Loser: Transformed is launching at 7:30pm Tuesday March 14th.

That means I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here looks set to wrap on Monday March 13 (to be confirmed)

The show has already announced eliminations will take place every episode.

Tonight on The Biggest Loser: Transformed, 16 everyday Australians with relatable weight issues begin their life-changing journey to transform into the happiest, fittest and best versions of themselves.

For their first day at The Biggest Loser Headquarters, the contestants arrive by yacht to their picturesque new home on Sydney Harbour where they come face-to-face with trainers Shannan Ponton and Libby Babet.

Shannan carefully chooses his blue team while Libby selects her orange team. As each contestant meets their new trainer, they are given a glimpse into what their healthy new lives could look like at the end of their transformations.

After a gruelling first training session, the contestants are thrown straight into the first challenge: an adrenaline-fuelled kayak race across Sydney Harbour. As the contestants battle rough seas, lethargy, and the threat of sharks, their fears and determination are put to the test. Some shine while others flounder, but when one contestant emerges as a leader in the competition, they are awarded with Immunity from the first elimination.

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  1. Is Jenny the only person in the Blue Team with a voice? Why is there so much focus on her? I’m sick of her comments all the time. It’s like she’s the “spokesperson”. They should give someone else a say.

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