Married at First Sight reaches season high

Ratings: Biggest Loser sets TEN schedule into a tailspin. Vera wins timeslot yet again for ABC.

Nine won Sunday night after Married at First Sight hit a season high at 1.19m viewers, eclipsing My Kitchen Rules on 1.02m.

But the real news was The Biggest Loser: Transformed at just 305,000 viewers. TEN’s failed reality show is sending the schedule into a tailspin, with Bull also losing ground on last week, and the network waking up to a hideous Sunday share.

The other big news of the night was the win by ABC’s Vera again winning its slot with 851,000 viewers, topping Sunday Night (727,000) and 60 Minutes (673,000) -and proving yet again that viewers will turn up for a good drama in the traditional Sunday slot. Nine is suffering a big drop from MAFS to its flagship current affairs show.

Seven News won its slot with 1.06m viewers.

Nine network won the night with 31.2% then Seven 30.1%, ABC 19.5%, TEN 12.9% and SBS 6.2%.

Married at First Sight was #1 for Nine at 1.19m then Nine News (985,000), 60 Minutes (673,000) and Lethal Weapon (357,000).

Seven News was best for Seven at 1.06m viewers then My Kitchen Rules (1.02m) and Sunday Night (727,000). The Blacklist drew 284,000 / 185,000.

Vera (851,000) won its slot for ABC then ABC News (788,000) and Grand Designs (743,000). My Year 12 Life was just 119,000 and Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery was 95,000.

Bull (363,000) topped TEN’s night followed by TEN Eyewitness News (330,000), Bondi Rescue (326,000), The Biggest Loser: Transformed (305,000), Family Feud (259,000) and NCIS: New Orleans (223,000).

On SBS it was Building Chernobyl’s Mega Tomb (188,000), Rome: What Lies Beneath (186,000) and SBS World News (166,000).

Shaun the Sheep sure was best on multichannels with 190,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 19 March 2017


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  1. I tuned into TBL during the week and assumed I’d stumbled across an early ep. of Masterchef. The contestants were cooking against one another, but nothing aspirational – it was chicken and chips. Tuned out again.

  2. It certainly seems like MKR is consistently down in its numbers compared to other years. It’s a pity it’s being beaten by a program that I think is a hundred times more braindead! The reason I’ve tuned out is the incessant negativity and b****ing, which is worse than it’s ever been, I believe! Josh is so intolerable I can’t watch it – borders on bullying. The producers probably think they’ve edited him into the perfect “juicy” villain, but it’s just too much. I suspect other viewers feel the same way I do.

  3. I’m actually enjoying TBL More this season, I like it because everyone seem to support eachother and I also like the new Elimination where they are challenged physically to see who has to go

  4. Ch10 need to try something different. A non reality show. Perhaps some newer release movies. Certainly on a Sunday night I’d imagine movies would rate well- so much better than TBL. Now that they’ve lost momentum from BBL and then IACGMOOH how will they recover in 2017 ?

    1. Do you really want to sit through a movie that’s been in the cinemas, available on dvd to rent or buy and streaming so people have had ample opportunity to view it before it even before it gets to free to air? Do you really want to sit through 1 hour plus of ads for a 1 and half hour movie? Do we really want another devil wears prada moment on free to air? I also can’t see the commercial free to air networks getting the rights and airing niche telemovies such as those on that air on hallmark in the US. I would like to see Netflix get more hallmark movies.

      I’m all for free to air networks trying anything other than reality in that timeslot but I don’t think movies are the answer.

  5. You’d think that there would not be much intersection between MAFS audiences and those who would watch Sixty Minutes. That would explain the big drop-off.

    Appreciate the ongoing ovine alliteration.

    1. It seems the info I was given on TBL annual data was Consolidated, which saw eps lift above 305k. But as we know comparing data must be like for like, so I have amended the post. Apologies for the confusion and thanks for pointing out.

  6. Didn’t like last nights elimination by bike. Didn’t think it was fare. Couldn’t understand why they didn’t have all three do the first sprint at the same time. The two contestants that followed knew what time they had to beat. I think its an advantage to know what time you have to beat and thus can find something extra in you to beat a specific target. So Sarah got screwed by last nights elimination. Then again its reality tv and that is not really real or fare.

    1. What do they have that will rate better than their current line up? I can’t see the putting the umpteenth rerun of Jamie’s dinners or something else doing much better. At least they have first run content at the moment. I actually looked for biggest loser to start at 6.30pm and was a bit annoyed when it didn’t. Hope they don’t change the timeslot before this weeks food challenge as wanted to watch Sarah Wilson.

  7. TV was all round dismal last night, ended up watching ONE’s movie before bed. TBL just is the same despite the revamp, an hour of watching people exercise & complaining about it, I don’t care about their ‘journey’ its theirs alone to make & is just plain boring. MAF’s & its 100 variants will die off soon enough & MKR cant die quick enough. Sat night we had too many options, so many movies to flick around, then last night death by rubbish TV. I need a streaming service bad..

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