Rumour: Another dating show

TV Tonight hears whispers that another dating show is coming.

This one will involve blind dates at a country hotel, Milton Park in Bowral.

But it could well be First Dates: Hotel a variation on the UK format First Dates.  

In that series, if sparks fly, the romantics get to stay overnight and go on a second date.

Nine has denied it is behind the potential show while Seven did not respond to enquiries.


  1. Good grief! At least the networks haven’t yet hit upon the most salacious, dramatic and possibly scandalous reality concepts of all – ‘reality’ programs about relationships gone bad – unamicable breakups and divorce. Usually, people are far more interested in train wrecks than people boarding trains.

  2. this is not a date ……. its a one night stand! The added extra is you get to do the walk of shame in your evening clothes in front of tv cameras! stop watching this stuff!

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