SBS beats out The Biggest Loser: Transformed

Ratings: Reality hits TEN where it hurts, with another season low for TBL. ABC also struggles with its hard-hitting combo.

TEN has suffered the humiliation of The Biggest Loser: Transformed now landing 5th in its timeslot.

At another season low of just 289,000 viewers it was beaten by Great Continental Railway Journeys on SBS with 327,000.

Last week Beverley McGarvey said judging the show on one night of numbers was premature but the network is in for weeks of pain if it doesn’t address its performance, pronto. The question is: with what? There are no easy solutions when an entire strip fails as Reno Rumble and Restaurant Revolution have shown…..

Once again it was smothered by Married at First Sight and My Kitchen Rules while Travel Guides hit a season high over the finale of 800 Words.

But TEN was not the only story from last night’s numbers. ABC’s double of Life on the Line and Bullied also did not attract enough viewers, sending its share backwards.

Nine managed a primary channel win but Seven network won Tuesday with 31.7% then Nine 31.2%, TEN 17.2%, ABC 13.6% and SBS 6.2%.

My Kitchen Rules (1.12m) was best for Seven then Seven News (1.05m / 1.02m), Home and Away (768,000), 800 Words (681,000) and The Chase (624,000 / 402,000). Bones was 237,000.

Married at First Sight was #1 for Nine with 1.19m viewers then Nine News (1.02m / 1.00m), A Current Affair (847,000), Travel Guides (691,000) and Hot Seat (490,000 / 279,000). Schwarzenegger The Celebrity Apprentice was 140,000.

TEN Eyewitness News (501,000) was best for TEN then The Project (498,000 / 303,000), NCIS (371,000), Family Feud (340,000), NCIS: LA (316,000) and The Biggest Loser: Transformed (289,000).

ABC News (728,000) and 7:30 (504,000) led for ABC followed by Todd Sampson’s Life on the Line (317,000), Bullied (264,000) and Foreign Correspondent (246,000).

On SBS it was Great Continental Railway Journeys (327,000), Insight (238,000), Dateline (159,000) and SBS World News (127,000).

Shaun the Sheep sure is irresistible to multichannels at 261,000.

The Morning Show: 128,000 / 89,000
Today Extra: 114,000 / 74,000
Studio 10: 90,000 /

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 21 March 2017

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  1. TBL makes me ashamed I watch other programmes they air. I ignore reality shows like most people ignore climate change, but the bullying and shallow, materialistic perspective on the worth of human beings rubs me as wrong as Manus and Nauru. Perhaps someone from TEN will read this comment and understand how deeply some of us are triggered by their attempt to sell advertising for compression shorts.

  2. No one seems prepared to give credit to ‘Great Continental Railway Journeys’-a superior mix of history, travelogue, food, whimsy and people… and on occasion with some serious things to say about the modern world-a deserved winner for SBS!

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