The Halcyon hoping for new home

UK period drama The Halcyon, which premieres on ABC next month, is on the hunt for a new home -but are in a race against time.

ITV announced last week it was axing the series after just one season, showrunners having already started on scripts for series two.

“Andy Harries, [CEO] at Left Bank hopes that there might be somewhere else that we could go,” producer Chris Croucher told “Nothing is confirmed at the moment. I believe he is trying.

“It’s difficult with timeframes, because actually our option period on the actors is about to run out, and we have our beautiful hotel standing in West London, and every week that’s costing us and that adds up.

“So I think a decision would need to be made very quickly.”

“Our plan was to see if we could do a five-year series, with each series being another year of the war. We had storylines for the entire second series and we actually had two scripts ready to go.”

ITV said in a statement that it was looking “to ensure the right balance and range together with the best mix of returning series and new dramas.”

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