1.65m as My Kitchen Rules hits season high

We may officially be in a non-ratings week, but with numbers like this OzTAM should cancel the second week of the Easter off-season.

Seven knows the power of the end of a long weekend and programmed accordingly with My Kitchen Rules pulling a huge 1.65m viewers. Melbourne and Sydney audiences were both above 460,000 viewers each.

The elimination of Josh and Amy was a season high for the reality series and the second biggest audience of the year behind the Australian Open (both are out of official survey).

It helped launch Seven Year Switch with 618,000, although a million viewers tuned out. Nevertheless it all went Seven’s way, pulling a huge 37.7% network share.

Elsewhere last night John Clarke: Thanks for your Time nudged a million viewers with 995,000 viewers -a classy exit indeed. The Melbourne Comedy Festival Debate drew 455,000 although The Story of rage was just 168,000.

The final episode of House Husbands was only 467,000 viewers which would not be enough for a renewal were we in survey period. Nine will have to look at its Timeshifted numbers and season performance in order to crunch the numbers.

Full ratings wraps resume next week but you can see more here:

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 17 April 2017


  1. MKR only did that well due to there being nothing against it. The Voice next week on Nine will pull it back down.

    Easter is a 4 day long weekend – so why do we need to have two weeks of non-ratings and mostly sub-standard programming that serves as nothing more than an opportunity to try other platforms instead.

    Spent the night on Netflix – binged rest of 13 Reasons Why and ended up staying up till 2am despite having to work today. The tweet I saw this morning is right: “Netflix is not good for sleep”!

  2. mark from hawthorn

    Thought last nights episode of House Husbands felt like it finished mid show. The Husbands are in Kakoda and Kane appears from nowhere and then the episode finished, didn’t flow very well at all.

  3. Last night’s 8.30 slot looks like an anomaly to me. Everyone went to bed early by the looks of things. As you pointed out David, over a million tuned out on Chanel 7 after MKR. And The comedy festival thing on ABC lost near enough to half a million after the John Clarke special. I actually didn’t mind HH’s finale. Folks just aren’t watching drama like they used to.

  4. There’s so much you could take out of last night’s ratings.

    For me, it’s:

    1) What happens with House Husbands, as David said, a terrible finale figure.

    2) Do Nine executives re-think next week? Launching new shows against what has just been proven to be the ‘power’ of Seven’s MKR?

  5. Loved MKR last night, perfect way to end long weekend. Didn’t watch House Husbands, have given up on it this series – looks like Im not the only one… Sad, used to be my fave Oz drama.

  6. Seven Year Switch won its timeslot, but well down on last year despite a huge MKR lead in. A bit of viewer fatigue with relationship shows creeping in, or just in line with general viewership decreasing?

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