Airdate: Trial and Error

New US mockumentary Trial and Error gets a launch this Sunday following the My Kitchen Rules finale, before settling into double episodes on Wednesdays.

The series stars Nicholas D’Agosto as a lawyer defending a Professor on murder charges, played by John Lithgow.

This premiered in the US last month.

In the spirit of true crime documentaries, this outrageous fish-out-of-water comedy features bright-eyed New York lawyer Josh Segal (Nicholas D’Agosto), who heads to a tiny Southern town for his first big case. His mission? To defend an eccentric “rollercizing” poetry professor (John Lithgow) accused of the bizarre murder of his beloved wife. Settling into his makeshift office behind a taxidermy shop and meeting his quirky team of local misfits, Josh suspects that winning his first big case will not be easy, especially when his client is always making himself look guilty.

10:15pm Sunday, continues 9:50pm Wednesday on Seven.


  1. Having seen the whole series, it is quite a quirky comedy that probably won’t have mass appeal like Big Bang Theory and the like, but its really clever and funny! I would highly recommend it if you’re looking for a smart comedy.

  2. The Things I've Seen.

    I started watching the first episode, thinking I would see what it was like. Ended up watching the entire episode. Can’t wait to see the rest of it. It was one of the first comedies in recent times where I actually laughed out loud.

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