Eileen Bond lawyers up

“I have appointed a defamation lawyer," Eileen n says ahead of Nine miniseries.

Eileen Bond has now hired a lawyer ahead of Nine’s plans to screen House of Bond, expected to air later this month.

“I have heard nothing from Nine at all,’’ she told News Corp.

“I have appointed a defamation lawyer. I certainly have concerns about the show going to air in view of the promos I have seen and the lack of consult to verify the truth.

“I am seriously concerned that the series may defame me.’’

If the miniseries encounters any of the trouble that surrounded House of Hancock, it could entail edits and a grovelling apology. But networks also love controversy for their shows for their free publicity.

A Nine spokesperson said, “We would love to engage with Eileen. She has been such a significant and celebrated character in Australia’s recent history. This drama has been made to shine a light on that era and recognise the special place that the Bonds have in our hearts.’’

Bond, a one-time proprietor of Nine, is expected to feature later this month.

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