Logie Awards 2018: who else missed out?

Some of TV's biggest names are not even in the running for this year's Logies.

Toni Collette, Sam Neill, John Wood, Jacki Weaver, Vince Colosimo, Jackie Woodburne, Magda Szubanski….

Some of TV’s biggest names have been left off the voting list for the 2018 Logie Awards.

There are 67 males and 66 females vying in the Popular Actor and Popular Actress categories, respectively. Across 5 Free to Air Networks, 1 Pay TV network and 1 local Streaming service that means some big names have missed out again this year.

Yesterday it emerged that Craig McLachlan had been snubbed for both The Doctor Blake Mysteries and The Wrong Girl whilst fellow cast mates including Nadine Garner & Madeleine West are listed. But McLachlan is not alone.

Entire casts of The Secret Daughter and Friday on My Mind are out of the running.

The late John Clarke has not been listed for his final screen performance in The Ex-PM.

Bizarrely, Sean Keenan is in contention for Hoges: The Paul Hogan Story, but not the actual star, Josh Lawson.

TV Week allows each network to submit a certain number of nominees in each category. In the past some networks have indicated that for big casts they may rotate names across successive years.

Actor, Actress and Presenter lists also lockdown the possibilities for the Gold Logie. Readers are not able to add further suggestions, which was allowed in previous years on TV Week coupon entries.

Updated: TV Week advises,It is up to the networks to submit the talent they feel is most deserving of an award.  Each network works to a set number of entries per category and every year we have programs or talent that do not make the final shortlist.”

Here is a sample list of some names that have missed out in scripted Drama & Comedy categories:

Jackie Woodburne, Colette Mann, Carla Bonner, Rebekah Elmaloglou, Matt Wilson, Zoe Cramond, Andrew Morley, Takaya Honda, Eve Morey.

Home & Away
Shane Withington, Kestie Morassi, Rohan Nichol, Scott Lee, Lukas Radovich.

The Doctor Blake Mysteries:
Craig McLachlan, John Wood, Anna McGahan, Charlie Cousins.

House Husbands:
Natalie Saleeba, Jane Allsop, Louise Siversen.

Linda Cropper, Jane Harber, Deborah Mailman, Alicia Gardiner.

800 Words:
Bridie Carter, Michelle Langstone, Alex Tarrant, Anna Jullienne.

The Wrong Girl:
Craig McLachlan, Kerry Armstrong, Steve Vizard, Doris Younane.

Nicholas Bell.

Antonia Prebble, Magda Szubanski, Roy Billing, Charlie Garber.

Top of the Lake: China Girl:
Gwendoline Christie, David Dencik, Kim Gyngell, Clayton Jacobson.

Katrina Milosevic, Shareena Clanton, Socratis Otto, Libby Tanner.

Seven Types Of Ambiguity:
Xavier Samuel, Anthony Hayes, Sarah Peirse.

Janet King:
Damian Walshe-Howling, Peter Kowitz, Anita Hegh, Hamish Michael.

A Place to Call Home:
Franke J. Holden, Sara Wiseman, Deborah Kennedy, Arianwen Parkes-Lockwood, Mark Lee, Robert Coleby, Conrad Coleby, Aaron Pedersen.

Love Child:
Harriet Dyer, Dan Hamill, Ronan Keating.

The Secret Daughter:
Jessica Mauboy, David Field, Matt Levett, Jared Turner, Rachel Gordon, Jordan Hare.

Iain Glen, Frances O’Connor, Clarence Ryan, Rachael Blake.

Romper Stomper:
Jeremy Lindsay Taylor, Markella Kavenagh.

Friday On My Mind:
Ashley Zukerman, Christian Byers, Will Rush, Mackenzie Fearnley, Du Toit Bredenkamp, Arthur McBain.

Wake In Fright:
Caren Pistorius, Robyn Malcolm.

Newton’s Law:
Toby Schmitz, Brett Tucker, Georgina Naidu, Miranda Tapsell, Andrew McFarlane, Jane Hall.

Doctor Doctor:
Charles Wu, Angus McLaren, Matt Castley, Chloe Bayliss, Brittany Scott Clark

Here Come the Habibs:
Helen Dallimore, Michael Denkha, Camilla Ah Kin, Sam Alhaje, Tyler De Nawi.

Underbelly Files: Chopper:
Vince Colosimo, Alex Tsitsopoulos, Jane Allsop.

Kris McQuade, Katie Robertson, David Quirk.

Anthony Lehmann, Dave Lawson, Kitty Flanagan.

Xavier Samuel, Jessica de Gouw.

Hoges: The Paul Hogan Story:
Josh Lawson, Ryan Corr, Justine Clarke, Nikki Osborne.

Rodger Corser, Emily Barclay, Genevieve O’Reilly, Hannah Monson, Luke Arnold, Ned Dennehy.

Blue Murder: Killer Cop:
Toni Collette, Matt Nable, Aaron Pedersen, Toby Schmitz

House Of Bond:
Sam Neill, Rachael Taylor, Adrienne Pickering.

Jacki Weaver, Sam Simmons, Mandy McElhinney, Miranda Tapsell, Damon Herriman.

Get Krack!n:
Kate McLennan, Kate McCartney.

The Ex-PM:
John Clarke, Nicki Wendt, Kate Jenkinson, Francis Greenslade, Nicholas Bell.

The Letdown:
Duncan Fellows, Sacha Horler, Leon Ford.

Eligible voting includes:

Aaron Jeffery (Underbelly Files: Chopper)
Anthony LaPaglia (Sunshine)
Ben Oxenbould (Wolf Creek)
Craig Hall (A Place To Call Home)
Darren Gilshenan (Here Come The Habibs)
Ewen Leslie (Safe Harbour/Top Of The Lake: China Girl)
Hazem Shammas (Safe Harbour)
Hunter Page-Lochard (Cleverman/Wentworth)
James Stewart (Home And Away)
Lachy Hulme (Romper Stomper)
Michael Caton (Underbelly Files: Chopper)
Rhys Muldoon (House Husbands)
Rob Collins (Cleverman/Glitch/The Wrong Girl)
Rodger Corser (Doctor Doctor)
Scott McGregor (Neighbours)
Stephen Peacocke (Wanted)
Todd Lasance (Janet King/Underbelly Files: Chopper)
Alan Fletcher (Neighbours)
Anthony Brandon Wong (The Family Law)
Benson Jack Anthony (800 Words)
Damon Herriman (Riot)
David Berry (A Place To Call Home)
Firass Dirani (House Husbands)
Hugh Sheridan (House Husbands)
Ian Meadows (The Wrong Girl)
Joel Jackson (Safe Harbour)
Luke McGregor (Rosehaven)
Orpheus Pledger (Home And Away)
Richard Davies (Offspring)
Rob Sitch (Utopia)
Ronnie Chieng (Ronnie Chieng: International Student)
Sean Keenan (Glitch/Hoges: The Paul Hogan Story/Newton’s Law/Wake In Fright)
Steve Bisley (Doctor Doctor)
Travis Burns (Neighbours)
Alex Dimitriades (Seven Types Of Ambiguity/Wake In Fright)
Barry Otto (Sisters)
Bernard Curry (Wentworth)
Dan Spielman (Sisters)
David Wenham (Romper Stomper/Wake In Fright)
Gary Sweet (House Husbands/Wake In Fright)
Hugo Johnstone-Burt (The Wrong Girl)
Jackson Heywood (Home And Away)
John Jarratt (Wolf Creek)
Martin Sacks (A Place To Call Home/Wentworth)
Patrick Brammall (Glitch)
Richard Roxburgh (Blue Murder: Killer Cop)
Robbie Magasiva (Wentworth)
Ryan Johnson (Doctor Doctor)
Shaun Micallef (The Ex-PM)
Tim Draxl (A Place To Call Home)
Trystan Go (The Family Law)
Alexander England (Offspring)
Ben Mingay (House Of Bond)
Brett Climo (A Place To Call Home)
Dan Wyllie (Blue Murder: Killer Cop/Romper Stomper)
Erik Thomson (800 Words)
George Mason (Home And Away)
Hugo Weaving (Seven Types Of Ambiguity)
Jake Ryan (Home And Away)
Kyle Pryor (Home And Away)
Matt Day (A Place To Call Home/Love Child/Wolf Creek)
Ray Meagher (Home and Away)
Rick Donald (800 Words)
Robert Rabiah (Safe Harbour)
Ryan Maloney (Neighbours)
Stefan Dennis (Neighbours)
Tim Minchin (Squinters)

Ada Nicodemou (Home And Away)
Celia Ireland (Wentworth)
Deborah Mailman (Cleverman)
Elsa Cocquerel (Wolf Creek)
Fiona Choi (The Family Law)
Harriet Dyer (The Other Guy)
Jenni Baird (A Place To Call Home)
Kat Hoyos (Here Come The Habibs)
Kate Jenkinson (Wentworth)
Lucy Durack (Sisters/The Letdown)
Marta Dusseldorp (A Place To Call Home/Janet King)
Miranda Tapsell (Love Child)
Nicole da Silva (Doctor Doctor/Wentworth)
Pamela Rabe (Wentworth)
Rebecca Gibney (Wanted)
Susie Porter (Pulse/Seven Types Of Ambiguity)
Tina Bursill (Doctor Doctor)
Alison Bell (The Letdown)
Celia Pacquola (Utopia, Rosehaven)
Delta Goodrem (House Husbands)
Emily Symons (Home And Away)
Georgia Flood (Here Come The Habibs)
Hayley Magnus (The Wrong Girl)
Jessica Marais (Love Child/The Wrong Girl)
Kat Stewart (Offspring)
Laura Wheelwright (Wolf Creek)
Lynne McGranger (Home And Away)
Mavournee Hazel (Neighbours)
Nadine Garner (The Doctor Blake Mysteries)
Nicole Kidman (Top Of The Lake: China Girl)
Penny McNamee (Home And Away)
Sigrid Thornton (Wentworth)
Tammy MacIntosh (Wentworth)
Zoe Ventoura (Love Child/Underbelly Files: Chopper)
Andrea Demetriades (Janet King/Pulse/Seven Types Of Ambiguity/Squinters)
Claire van der Boom (Pulse)
Elisabeth Moss (Top Of The Lake: China Girl)
Emma Booth (Blue Murder: Killer Cop/Glitch)
Georgie Parker (Home And Away)
Hayley McElhinney (Doctor Doctor)
Jodi Anasta (Neighbours)
Kate Atkinson (Wentworth)
Leeanna Walsman (Safe Harbour/Seven Types Of Ambiguity)
Madeleine West (Neighbours/The Wrong Girl)
Melanie Lynskey (Sunshine)
Natalie Bassingthwaighte (Neighbours/The Wrong Girl)
Noni Hazlehurst (A Place To Call Home/The Letdown)
Phoebe Tonkin (Safe Harbour)
Sophie Hensser (Love Child)
Tess Haubrich (Wolf Creek)
Asher Keddie (Offspring)
Claudia Karvan (Newton’s Law)
Ella Scott Lynch (Underbelly Files: Chopper)
Felicity Price (Wolf Creek)
Geraldine Hakewill (Wanted)
Jacqueline McKenzie (Romper Stomper/Safe Harbour)
Julia Morris (House Husbands)
Kate Box (Riot)
Lily Sullivan (Romper Stomper)
Mandy McElhinney (Love Child)
Melina Vidler (800 Words)
Nicole Chamoun (Romper Stomper/Safe Harbour)
Olympia Valance (Neighbours)
Pia Miller (Home And Away)
Sophie Lowe (Romper Stomper)
Tiarnie Coupland (Sunshine)

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  1. Thank you for your work in compiling those very extensive lists….some very worthy recipients there on both lists……I guess it is a case of damned if you …damned if you don’t….
    I agree ..why is there a list…just people vote for whoever…fed into a computer and hey presto….up comes the winner….
    I also wondered about the relevance…but people still vote and industry still turns up on the night….

  2. As a long time Logies fan [and voter] this is disappointing on so many levels. Unfortunately it just gives Logies knockers so much ammunition.
    It makes the event sound like even more of a promotion – where TV Week are now funnelling select stars to win the awards.
    Voting must go back to where we can select any names from any show.

    Also, having voting open before some shows have aired is farcical.

    Hopefully next year, they go back to a 12 month calendar year with real open voting.

  3. Maria Angelico not eligible for Sisters? She was the most interesting and integral character. Have I missed reading her? I scanned several times….

    1. the People’s Choice Awards if I recall correctly, used a much more finite list of candidates to choose from. I think it made TV Week’s current list seem almost extravagant. Thing is, at the time TV Week used the limitation of the People’s Choice voting as a plus for the Logies where they insisted people could vote for anyone. Not so much now. So many major names chopped off the list which is very disappointing. Who decided on such an arbitrary limit of candidates?

  4. This is so wrong. People should be able to nominate whoever they want. I remember back in the day before it was on line they had other so you could nominate anyone not on their list. I’d forgotten half of those shows were on last year, it seems so long ago. Weird seeing shows that were just on there.

  5. Logies time again and, again, snubs and omissions all round, taking the already under-respected awards, from a “peoples choice” celebration of achievement to an economic and wholly manipulated, empty and kind of pointless exercise. TV (and those that shape it) is rapidly losing its relevance and this is a cynical reinforcing of all that endangers its future. First world problems I know but this is my industry and its just a bit sad. Perhaps the Gold Coast is the perfect location after all……

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