Homeland: update

Season final is held over by a week due to Russian Grand Prix.

Homeland fans will have to wait just a little bit longer for the season finale, which is not screening this weekend.

TEN has the Russian Grand Prix in play from 9:55pm this Sunday.

The season final “America First” is set for 10:30pm Sunday May 7 on TEN.

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  1. Ten, if you are not going to show homeland, on sell it to foxtel or netflix so they will air it, each week and in a decent time slot. I, and i guess other aussie homeland fans would of already of seen the finale for S6 a few weeks ago.

    1. This will probably come as a surprise to you following your comments… but I am happy that Ten have Homeland… I have rewarded them with their loyalty to the show with my loyalty by not watching it by other means and watching it on Ten.
      We are in Season 6 of Homeland, and Channel Ten have been very good with it imo. Name any other American drama that any other channel has consistently fast tracked (for the most part… give or take) each season in a fairly consistent manner over 6 years? And let’s not forget that it’s a niche show that has never really attracted amazing numbers…

      1. @troy_story you will find that not everyone is satisfied with how 10 screens homeland, yes it is screened(not fast tracked and not within a month of US first airing it), not everyone shares your rewarding them(10) with loyalty, most in fact are annoyed and peeved that is gets shunted to a 11pm (borderline graveyard timeslot) on sunday nights.
        Season 6 was an amazing season, Rupert Friend should get a emmy nomination later this year for his performance as Quinn. Sorry, but 10’s treatment was pathetic. As i said before, either on sell it to netflix or foxtel, not not show it in a reasonable timeslot, a bit quicker than 4-5 weeks after US premier date.

        1. I see your view and a number of your points are valid (I wouldn’t be against them onselling it of course) But my point was that they’ve done well to keep screening it…
          I stand by my opinion and I guess we just need to respect each other’s opinions ?

  2. Bumped for the Russian Grand Prix?!!-I see a conspiracy forming here that will be the basis for the next season…on a serious note, this seems to be the end for it on 10 in general-they won’t be trying it on the main channel in primetime again.

  3. I would love to introduce the programmers at Ten to this radical new concept in planning and scheduling, its called a calendar, I highly recommend it, using this new fangled invention called the calendar they would have known that the Russian F1 race will be on at that time and date since the end of last year.

    Maybe if Ten also negotiated the rights to races that the F1 audience do want to see, and then maybe schedule them on some sort of secondary HD channel (I don’t know – maybe call it OneHD ?) then the Homeland fans wouldn’t have been jerked around and sports fans could watch live sport on FTA, what a radical concept!

    1. This F1 fan lives in hope…that all races will come back to TEN when re negotiated…I am sure it rates better on FTA than Foxtel…but it all comes down to the almighty dollar.

    2. Hah, that would be too sensible for Aus FTA, especially Ten.

      I never understood why they insisted on putting the F1 on the main channel in the eastern states. It’s perfect for One where it wouldn’t bump main channel programming once a month (since Ten are only showing about every second race).

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