Monday 24 April 2017

Report: Daily Free-to-Air Share
Channels:All Free-to-Air Channels
Market:5 City Metro (aggregate figure)
Demographics:Total People (incl. guests)
Day-part:18:00 – 24:00
Channel\VariableFTA SHR %
Network ABC11.4
Network ABC22.1
Network ABC ME0.5
Network ABC News 241.1
Network ABC TTL15.1
Network 721.0
Network 7TWO4.1
Network 7mate8.8
Network 7 TTL35.3
Network 924.2
Network 9GO!3.1
Network 9Gem1.7
Network 9 TTL31.0
Network TEN7.9
Network ONE2.9
Network ELEVEN2.5
Network TEN TTL13.3
Network SBS3.6
Network SBS
Food Network
Network NITV0.1
Network SBS TTL5.4



Report: Top 20 Programs
Channels:All Free-to-Air
Market:5 City Metro (aggregate figure), Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth
Demographics:Total People
Day-part:02:00 – 26:00
RankDescription (grouped)Channel / Network® 5 City MetroSydneyMelbourneBrisbaneAdelaidePerth
1THE VOICE -LAUNCHChannel 91,180,000362,000348,000267,00093,000110,000
2SEVEN NEWSChannel 71,075,000281,000284,000206,000124,000179,000
3NINE NEWS 6:30Channel 91,052,000312,000361,000217,00096,00066,000
4NINE NEWSChannel 91,039,000301,000350,000223,00095,00070,000
5SEVEN NEWS / TODAY TONIGHTChannel 71,024,000262,000284,000197,000104,000177,000
6MY KITCHEN RULES – MONChannel 71,022,000298,000279,000188,00094,000163,000
7A CURRENT AFFAIRChannel 9798,000250,000229,000174,00070,00076,000
8ABC NEWS-EVABC745,000209,000235,000104,00097,000101,000
9HOME AND AWAYChannel 7665,000180,000177,000146,00055,000106,000
10THE CHASE AUSTRALIAChannel 7619,000165,000180,000134,00070,00069,000
11HOUSE OF BOND -PART 1Channel 9613,000185,000171,000130,00053,00074,000
13THE PROJECT 7PMChannel 10552,000119,000181,000132,00052,00068,000
14AUSTRALIAN STORY-EVABC551,000167,000149,00095,00064,00075,000
15HOT SEATChannel 9511,000152,000165,000126,00031,00037,000
16SEVEN YEAR SWITCHChannel 7493,000152,000125,00093,00037,00085,000
17TEN EYEWITNESS NEWS FIRST AT FIVEChannel 10482,000129,000133,00083,00061,00076,000
18SEVEN’S AFL: MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL7mate480,00020,000280,00033,00083,00064,000
19MEDIA WATCH-EVABC447,000130,000146,00066,00056,00049,000
20FOUR CORNERS-EVABC431,000105,000126,00081,00059,00060,000


Free to Air: 25-54 demographics (Overnight)

RankDescription (grouped)Channel / Network® 5 City MetroSydneyMelbourneBrisbaneAdelaidePerth
1THE VOICE -LAUNCHChannel 9514,000148,000159,000114,00038,00055,000
2MY KITCHEN RULES – MONChannel 7441,000134,000116,00082,00038,00071,000
3NINE NEWS 6:30Channel 9388,000120,000140,00065,00035,00028,000
4NINE NEWSChannel 9373,000115,000132,00065,00031,00028,000
5SEVEN NEWS / TODAY TONIGHTChannel 7308,00083,00074,00057,00032,00062,000


Free to Air: 18-49 demographics (Overnight)

RankDescription (grouped)Channel / Network® 5 City MetroSydneyMelbourneBrisbaneAdelaidePerth
1THE VOICE -LAUNCHChannel 9435,000115,000144,000101,00028,00047,000
2MY KITCHEN RULES – MONChannel 7375,000118,00094,00072,00038,00053,000
3NINE NEWS 6:30Channel 9320,000100,000108,00058,00029,00025,000
4NINE NEWSChannel 9300,00096,00099,00055,00024,00025,000
5SEVEN YEAR SWITCHChannel 7265,00072,00075,00055,00015,00048,000


Free to Air: 16-39 demographics (Overnight)

RankDescription (grouped)Channel / Network® 5 City MetroSydneyMelbourneBrisbaneAdelaidePerth
1MY KITCHEN RULES – MONChannel 7246,00075,00067,00047,00025,00032,000
2THE VOICE -LAUNCHChannel 9225,00064,00072,00054,00010,00025,000
3NINE NEWS 6:30Channel 9168,00047,00065,00029,00016,00012,000
4SEVEN YEAR SWITCHChannel 7159,00045,00048,00027,00010,00029,000
5NINE NEWSChannel 9158,00053,00057,00027,00010,00011,000



© OzTAM Pty Limited 2017. The Data may not be reproduced, published or communicated (electronically or in hard copy) without the prior written consent of OzTAM. Program performance and ranking information subject to change when not based on final program logs. Ranking information is for individual episodes. Includes Preliminary data.


  1. It’s been about 4 years now of the commercial networks trying to get audiences to watch dramas starting at 9pm and later, whenever they decide to finish up their dragged out reality show for the evening and pretty much every single time it has caused the viewing figures for dramas to suffer. When are they going to learn that Australian audiences will happily watch good dramas but they need to be starting them at 8:30 or close to it. I certainly didn’t bother with House of Bond last night purely due to it’s starting time. I realise you can tape it but I’m just not sure I could be bothered. The commercial networks have only themselves to blame for their dramas not working.

  2. What are 9 thinking of when they put a major interest mini-series on at 9 pm. Most people are tired by then and thinking of going to bed. This is why I didn’t watch and will not be watching tonight. Will view House of Bond at a later date on catch-up. Meanwhile, The Voice, although down on previous years, did fairly well when you consider it was up against both MKR and the AFL. Still a good night for 9’s main channel with a comfortable win over 7.

  3. well and truly over these network bio shows, I watched a few minutes of HOB last night before switching off, won’t be bothering with anymore of these type of shows.

  4. Seriously, these biopics are getting ridiculous. They all have the same overall story structure, with the same scenes and same lame dialogue. Just the actors are changed around. You can take any scene from any of these biopics and you wouldn’t know which show it was from. Even the lighting, camerawork and editing is the same. Is this what Australian TV has come to? When will it end?

    • You can see that 7mate won over 10’s primary channel by .1%.
      10 must be very shocked about this result with Modern Family and a movie from last night.

      • If they were shocked then they are stupid. Did they really expect a month old Modern Family and a movie that has been shown many times on TV to rate?

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