Oops. Molly sorry for Logies melodrama

Meldrum has apologised after his rambling speech during Sam Johnson’s Gold Logie moment.

“I profusely apologise if I upset anyone,“ Meldrum told News Corp. “I’m so very proud of Sam. Everyone should be proud of him. His (acceptance) speech for his sister Connie was beautiful and his charity work is simply amazing. He’s gone through a lot lately. And if people had problems understanding what I was trying to say, well, that’s nothing new for me.”

Johnson has been gallant in attributing the upstaging moment as pure Meldrum, without a hint of concern.

We still love you, Molly.


  1. It was the worst moment on Tv so far this year, was more cringe worthy than Peter Heliar and Kat Stewart’s skit. couldn’t understand a thing Molly mumbled, he’s clearly in a bad way not that he was that understandable before anyway, he didn’t need to be on stage the award was for Sam not Molly. it was pathetic tv.

  2. No need for Molly to apologise, IMO. Molly is Molly and we love him for that. 110% what you see is what you get – an increasingly rare commodity. And Sam was very touched by what he said.

    I also love the fact that he swore on stage – how many others swore on stage during the night, because I counted a few. It makes it a more fun, more relaxed affair if presenters/winners can feel they can have a bit of fun. The Emmys are often so conservative it’s nice that our equivalent can be a bit more laidback.

  3. Correct me if I am wrong but in the past, I thought the Gold Logie winner was the only person standing on stage. And the Gold Logie is about the winner’s capability. In this case, it was about Sam’s execution of the role in addition to his other contributions to the industry. If people want to acknowledge Molly, they should give him another Hall of Fame or some sort of special award. It was really awkward to see Molly on stage and although it’s not his fault, someone should have reminded him earlier to give the golden hat to Sam and let Sam talk more. Anyway, Molly is gracious enough to apologise and I think we should move on as a respect to Molly.

  4. jezza the first original one

    Molly is Molly and a nice guy.

    He has always rambled on a bit, but these days, his public appearances on tv or radio are cringeworthy at best. This Gold Logie should have been about Sam Johnson, but it ended up being one big embarrassment. No wonder viewing figures are declining…

          • Why not? At least it brightened up a long, boring night of self-congratulatory television.
            Geez, how come Show Business is the only industry with so many ‘pat-on-the-back’ award shows?

        • But why? This is not a silver Logie for the production. This is the Gold Logie. I don’t think I can recall any time where someone else has hijacked the Gold Logie speech at the end of the night. Might be time to rethink this idea of an Australian Television Night of Nights or even cancel it altogether.

          • It would of been suitable if Molly got on stage and gave the hat when the Show won an award . The gold Logie is for individual performance and nobody else had a right to be on the stage

  5. My daughter used to work in the Melb music industry and met Molly many times. She told me he is a genuinely lovely guy. So I don’t care what he did because his heart was in the right place. He is Molly and we love him !

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