Married beats MKR but Olympics give Seven first ratings day of 2018

Ratings: Just 1,000 viewers splits the top 2 reality shows, but it was Pyeongchang that saw Seven claim first victory for 2018.

Let the games begin…..

Seven has won the first day of the ratings year with the Winter Olympics delivering a huge share late into the evening.

But Married at First Sight topped My Kitchen Rules on the day that it mattered most -by just 1,000 viewers. Married at First Sight drew 1.163m viewers to MKR‘s 1.162m.

Nine’s Chopper has launched well with 903,000 viewers, despite copping a hiding on social media. Meanwhile TEN’s I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here was the big victim, trailing on just 651,000 viewers.

Seven network scored with a 39.9% share then Nine 29.5%, ABC 14.5%, TEN 11.8% and SBS 4.3%.

My Kitchen Rules drew 1.16m viewers as Seven’s best performer followed by Seven News (1.12m) and Winter Olympics (1.04m / 636,000 / 567,000). But Seven also pulled a big crowd for Pyeongchang on 7mate at 376,000 viewers. With many viewers waiting until around midnight to see if Britteny Cox could score Gold, Seven kicked the year off with its biggest ratings share ever for start of season, surpassing 2016 with Molly.

Married at First Sight was #1 with 1.16m viewers for Nine then Nine News (960,000), Underbelly Files: Chopper (903,000) and Australian Crime Stories (375,000). It was a strong start for Nine against an Olympics event.

ABC News (655,000) was best for ABC then Hawke: the Larrikin and the Leader (629,000) and Shetland (529,000).

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here drew 651,000 / 614,000 for TEN then The Sunday Project (390,000), TEN Eyewitness News (290,000) and SEAL Team (185,000).

On SBS it was SBS World News and Eight Days That Made the World (both 134,000), Atlantis Rising (115,000) and Lost Tribe of the Amazon (90,000).

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 11 February 2018

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  1. What a hot mess Underbelly was watched the first hour and gave up … I try to support all aussie shows ….but this one bored me …how many times can you see a nude club with naked chested girls in in the back ground … and storyline all over the place … channel 9 a big fail …next

  2. Mayb start im a celebrity launch nite first night of ratings ? Considering it’s only a six week show n 2 weeks in the non ratings .. we all no the 3 reality shows by now , a head start make any difference ? Better yet , replace with celebrity big brother , I feel it has more life n variety then the jungle show, and may b get better celebrities who would do it compared to the rough harsh life of the other ?

  3. Not to sure about Seven being over the moon. beating the previously unbearable MKR. Seven must have paid a mint for the Winter Olympics rights and would require massive ratings to recoup some of the money

    1. Bernie, Winter Olympics rated over 1m last night, Number 1 in its timeslot. Higher than what Sochi 2014 was doing on Ten. Opening Ceremony was also biggest since Salt Lake 2002 and record OzTam night 1 survey share (39.9%) last night.

      MKR was 1,000 behind Married, on a night that is usually heavily promoted and sees bigger numbers. It had been beating Married by around 200k every night the past two weeks, not seeing fluctuations like I’m A Celebrity.

      I doubt Seven are sitting disappointed at the moment.

      1. its a joke of a coverage got multi channels but only show it on 1 and always keep telling people to download the app to watch , so you have to download an app to watch other sports going on at the winter olympics. maybe this is what the comm games will be like also hey to watch it download an app cause we dont care

  4. Disappointed that Underbelly was scheduled to start at 8.30 but when I tuned in the EPG updated and said it was an 8.40 start. Already frustrated by networks that can’t start a drama on time. Clearly strategic wanting my husband and I to tune in to MAFS tomorrow…umm…no thanks.
    Didn’t overly like Underbelly and having not seen the film was not biased or critical about comparisons. It jumped all over the place and I struggled to keep up. Not sure if I’m tuning in tonight given it’s late start time of 9 or should I say 9.10??

  5. ~40% on night one of official ratings and an OzTam record! Seven must be over the moon. What was the reason Married had a massive leap, hasn’t seen numbers close to 1m the past two weeks, coming nights will be interesting.

  6. I probably would have waited up that last 15-20 minutes for the Moguls if Seven had stuck to showing the interesting events rather than insisting on repeating their packaged bio piece on Britt Cox.

    1. We thought the same – there were actually 4 Aussies going for it, one didn’t make it to the 20 though. Alot of focus on the one, all day Brit was promoted as being on for the moguls at night, nothing about any of the others.

      Winter Olympics definitely will do better with the favourable time zone – also From what I recall of 2014, Seven are doing a much better job of promoting.

      Also I think each year the winter Olympics gain popularity as we have more athletes and with “cool” sports like slope style (debuted in 2014) that appeal more than dancing on ice type events to younger viewers.

  7. Nothing on FTA grabbed my interest last night.

    While acknowledging that the time zone is in our favour and the broadcast more extensive, I do find it ironic that more people are watching the Winter Olympics on Seven than they did when it was on Ten in 2014.

  8. Razor thin for bragging rights between MAFS and MKR! Seven must be loving these gold medal events happening mid to late primetime. I think they’re missing an opportunity not running a second set of sports on one of their multichannels full time, as opposed to just on 7mate while the news etc is on.

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