TEN: No plans for a fourth channel

TEN has bigger issues to deal with than launching a new multichannel for a few extra ratings points share.

Under financial duress, TEN’s CEO Paul Anderson has confirmed the broadcaster has no current plans for a fourth multichannel at the moment.

“I think the question for us is how do we maximise the profitability of the three channels together. We get that a fourth channel adds a little bit to your network share, but it comes at a cost. You have to programme nearly 9000 hours of content across the year,” he told Mediaweek.

“So no plans on that front for the moment.”

However TEN will monetise more of its content through the launch of tendaily a new online portal to host short form and news content, in September.

“One example is we have thousands of recipes from MasterChef that really don’t have a home on tenplay. So tendaily will be short form, video rich, we’ll be able to use a lot of our talent on there, we’ll have a home for our news and it will also help us serve the purpose of serving content across different dayparts than tenplay, which is generally a nighttime catch-up service.”

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  1. No wonder they have no plans for a 4th channel, they would be struggling to find stuff to put on it, they can’t even find room for shows like empire S3 or you’re the worst S2 and 3 on Eleven or One at the moment.

  2. Give the fourth channel to Bruce Gordon to market his own WIN channel. He can program his own channels as he has said in the past. In return, WIN give TEN their own channel watermark free in regional areas. It’ll be WIN WIN for Bruce as he’ll finally have control of a national channel and ten get national viewing without a giant blue Australia map on screen.

  3. They need to let Foxtel run one channel, in partnership of course like CBS with Eleven.

    For instance on One Foxtel run their own dramas and shows, making it a bit like Presto was. Say like Wentworth or A Place To Call Home and they have last seasons episodes on, which of course Foxtel then advertise that if you want to see the next season of said show, it will be on Foxtel next week. Adverts would appear advertising Foxtel shows, TEN already have Gogglebox in conjunction with Foxtel so why not have a whole channel like that. Could even pick up the shows that have gone to Foxtel like The Flash and etc.

    1. That’s actually a sensible commercially viable option – and I bet that no-one has even considered this and that it will never happen, and we wonder why commercial FTA tv is going broke and losing viewers.

  4. Ten not doing a fourth channel is absolutely the right decision for them as they need to improve the three they’ve got first.

    But I dare say they have commercial arrangements in place with Spree TV and TVSN which is making them money anyway – the addition of a 4th channel (or even an extra HD channel like ONE or ELEVEN in HD) would mean either dropping one of the shopping channels, reducing quality for existing channels, or moving some of the channels to MPEG4 to all fit in.

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